Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ads, why?

As you can see on some posts and on the bottom and side of the blog, there are ads.
And yes I let them in.
But I blocked the noisy and image heavy ads so that you won't get frightened by the random "you're a winner!" and so that people with slower connections won't have to wait on the slower loading time.
Now I also checked the option to block ads that are disturbing in nature.
This being said I have heard from other bloggers that sometimes the random "illegal" ad sneaks in. I encourage you to report these ads to me so I can deal with them.

Now for why I enabled ads
I'm currently making no money while trying to get a home business going (or if anyone will hire me I'll do that too). L makes enough money to get us by somewhat comfortably (we lack nothing and still get random items like magazines and movies) but I can't help but feel guilty that we're relying on his money for this time being. So I decided I would do this little alteration to my blog in order to get some extra cash.
All extra cash from this blog (I do't think I'll see a lot of it) will either go towards car repairs or towards saving for a house.
You know an actual house, with a garden and possibly a greenhouse, privacy, the ability to paint the walls and fix things without getting into trouble. Apartments are ok for those who need to get on their feet or do not wish to own the giant responsibility that comes with a house, but...I really want that garden and even a puppy.

I'm not asking for people to click on them (even though that's how I'll get paid) because I know people don't like clicking on ads for obvious reasons which I will not get into, all I'm asking is that you will put up with them and not leave me because of it.

Anyways here I go back to dreaming about houses, puppies and babies.

Blessed Be

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