Friday, December 30, 2011

To do with paganism, cleansing, and a thought

I'm having a cleansing day.
Everything must be cleansed, why?
Because I think something got dragged into the apartment sometime over the course of the last 2 weeks celebrations. Thinks are going wrong that shouldn't be and there's a not so right feeling floating around.
So out comes the herbs, the incense, the mop and bucket.

I try to keep up on my cleaning and cleansing as I welcome many people into this tiny apartment and rarely turn away those wanting to have a chat or tea, this however can drag into many unwanted things. I've have people come in that sparked a cleaning frenzy immediately because something, some emotion, some hang on, something was dragged in and left behind while others still just leave behind energy that may just not get along nicely with what's already here.
It happens and I deal with it although it's a bit early for a full apartment cleansing (I usually go top to bottom in February or March ). I have already started with my entrance way and kitchen, both of which are very important to my family and tradition.
People come and go through the entrance and usually gather in the kitchen... well around food in general. So those two places are the most likely to need cleaning. I have the entrance done and things are lightening up already, half of the kitchen has begun but not with much change yet.

I've also been reading up on some blogs, I don't really follow most because I forget, that and I read in spurts. Read a few now, make a tidal wave of comments then disappear for a few weeks. But I am getting more and more frequent with reading them, and because of this increasing frequency I have found many more that I like and that make me think.
I wont post them up yet as I want to ask if they are ok with it first but one blogger posted a few months ago about cults and the new age. This was weird because only a few nights ago I was discussing the topic with a few friends of various beliefs and faiths and most of the points we came up with matched this post more or less. I decided to do a little more digging and found that many people have similar thoughts on the subject but different views on what a cult actually is.
The collins dictionary says this

"cult  (kĘŚlt) [Click for IPA pronunciation guide]
— n
1.a specific system of religious worship, esp with reference to itsrites and deity
2.a sect devoted to such a system
3.a quasi-religious organization using devious psychological techniques 
to gain and control adherents
4.sociol  a group having an exclusive ideology and ritual 
practices centred on sacred symbols, esp one characterized by lack of 
organizational structure
5.intense interest in and devotion to a person, idea, or activity:the cult of yoga
6.the person, idea, etc, arousing such devotion
7.a. something regarded as fashionable or significant by aparticular group
b. ( as modifier ): a cult show
8.modifier of, relating to, or characteristic of a cult or cults:a cult figure
[C17: from Latin cultus  cultivation, refinement, from colere  totill]"
cult. (n.d.). Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition. Retrieved December 30, 2011, from website:

And honestly I looked at more than one dictionary but all the recent ones say the same thing. 
The definition of the word cult seems to mean many things but I can't help but think the way it's used and the definition really is dependent on the person using it.
I have heard it used in so many different ways and it used to labels many different circumstances (though mostly bad) and it makes me want to ask a question, what really is a cult?
What is the different between many of the large extreme religions around the world and the small groups that get all the media attention.
I had a friend say something along the lines of this  "The only difference between what the media calls a cult and the large organised extreme religions is that one has more followers..." .
He further went on to discuss things like scare tactics and the like.
The average person might think this idea is crazy or may stop to think a bit, those who are in a cult may very well agree with this statement, while those of organised religious groups (from my experience only) might very well start a very long and very angry rant.

Now I know it's probably too early to have followers and maybe even too early to have many (if any) readers but I still want to ask this.
What do you think? Please keep it civil and calm as I know this topic can easily start a blaze.
I would like people to think long and hard before posting, maybe even sleep on their post, but i still want to read any comments that may or may not be left here.

Anyways Back to my cleansing.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Phone's busted, free anti virus for a year

I had a windows Optimus 7 that I upgraded to mango a while back. Anyways there was a glitch in the firmware that prevented my touchscreen from working. I looked it up and it affects about 10% of Optimus 7's.
I had to send it away to be repaired because Telus couldn't exchange it but I figure the 10% failure rate with these phones isn't too bad. I mean it could be worse.

Apple had an entire line of i-phones a few years back that had to be recalled because they continuously dropped calls because the antenna was placed where the average person would hold it and block the signal and BlackBerry has gone down system wide a few times in the last few years.

But I still have a few peeves about having to send away my phone.
-it'll take 3-6 weeks to get it back (no pretty phone for a month )
-my loaner phone is a blackberry that I have no clue how to use (haven't used one in a while)
-all my stuff will be wiped by Telus
-and the deposit for my loaner phone cost almost as much as the phone itself $299.00

I know I sound like I'm whining but I just want my phone back and working
This worked better before the update to mango than any phone I had previously, and had lots of apps to boot!

On the brighter side of life though I have just been informed that scotiabank customers get a free year of McAfee antivirus and if you opt for a two year the first year is free while the second close to half the price. you can cover 1 or 3 computers as well. So you know what I'm downloading tonight.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Boxing day was fun, plus sick student

yup, my first time out boxing day shopping and my what a haul!
a $250 laptop, and about $5000 worth of movies for $300.

now on to more seriousness.
I have a student, and have had him for about 4 months now. He learns fast and is talented in healing and rune casting, sucks at meditation though which I think is a bit weird.
We met through friends and he learned of my healing talents which lead to him wanting to learn about it and more. But that is us going a bit sideways.
He ate McDonald's (sp?) and came down with a case of food poisoning, now I love grabbing a burger or nuggets just like many other people but honestly I think the one near our house is the worst when it comes to food poisoning. If you eat at that one in particular you are almost guaranteed to get sick, which is what happened in this case.
Temped (which is the name I will use here for my student.) figured he could "fix" it himself, now I'm all for figuring out how to work on your own time if you have a sweet clue what you're doing but Tempted is known for not thinking things through. He likes to treat the symptoms and not the source, which in some cases is acceptable, just not in this case.
He treated the diarrhea and bound himself up but in doing so Tempted also trapped the poison inside his guts to ferment and destroy. Then like the usual tried to treat the upset stomach like acid re-flux and so on and so on.
Tempted probably treated about 5 or 6 different things in the course of 2 days. Then like any good worried student came in a taxi to my house.

And I sent him home.

No not to wait it out but because I knew if I treated him here that my bathroom would never be the same and no amount of incense in the world would fix what he had coming.
I gave him a drink in an metal container and told him I would give him the recipe later but for now go home and make sure the bathroom is clear and will not be needed for a few hours.

Now after his ...flush (hehe) and a bit of swearing he phones be back asking why I didn't tell him it was this simple in the first place. If he knew about it life would have been easier yadayadayada.
Well honestly I told him that people have to learn somehow and that his learning style just seems to be one of the hard ones.      

He of course was able to tell what I gave him upon first sip, or at least the main ingredient. a litre of orange juice spiked with laxatives in case the juice wasn't enough. 

The lessons?
Flush out the problem because trapping it inside will eventually stick up your bathroom like a gas chamber.
If you know a restaurant has a bad rep then it usually has one for a reason.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Yes I fed her

Yes I fed the snake yesterday, but I was in such a hurry doing last minute wrapping and baking that I forgot to post.
it's yule don't cha know.

Well I celebrate both Yule and Christmas because of the makeup of my family and relationship.
But beyond that.
We're having a very warm week, it's been +4 Celsius which is roughly 39.2 Fahrenheit to those of you from the States, when normally this time of year we should be getting -40 degrees C and F (I had to use google converter for that one)

The cat is sick and hates her medications, apparently she has a gluten allergy which cuts out most commercial cat food, and because of her eating it for a few months before we found out what was making her sick, the vet gave her some nasty meds that we have to torture her with every 12 hours. And she makes sure we know it's torture for her. She also has been avoiding eating her new food, which is a problem because she needs to eat with this medication so she doesn't vomit it back up.

After all the wrapping and baking yesterday me and my Fiance spent the day with my parents, sister, aunt and uncle. We all got to open a few gifts early and I think most people liked their gifts. We had chilli bowls for supper because we're all getting filled with either turkey,roast or chicken today. People annoyed others with their gifts or filled others with joy depending on the person but honestly I think the FlyingFucks annoyed anyone who wasn't operating them at the time. Those toys were probably my best purchase at think geek this year, that and toe shoes. I got my sister a pair now I want a new pair. lol awesome how the human mind works.
One of my cousins got a huge Christmas gift this year. The gift of fertility, she just found out that she is pregnant, I'm still waiting to hear if this is good news or bad new.

Today we're going to spend the day with friends cooking a feast, watching movies and playing games. But not until noon, we'll need to hit a gas station for energy drinks of some sort and take frequent naps because we'll be running on little to no real sleep this week.

Tomorrow is boxing day, we only want a few things. More movies (we have a huge collection already) and possibly a laptop or netbook for pdfs while running games or just bumping around on the internet. Nothing too heavy on the system.

Ok back to putting away gifts and cooking breakfast.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

First Post

Hello all, This is Flaming Pagan. I'll probably just refer to myself as Flaming but it's up to you guys to to call me whichever, I'm not overly picky.

As a first post I'll just outline what this blog will be about;
-My random life including , rants raves and news
-my opinions on news and stuff
-the first thing that pops in my head on Saturdays (why saturdays? well I have to wait about 20 - 30 minutes for a mouse to defrost for my snake so it'll be a random post)

I put this as mature because I am prone to swearing and not really thinking about subject matter so there may or may not be some mature content from time to time. Gotta protect those lill'ones you know.

Anyways, don't expect daily posts, you'll probably get a minimum of 1 a week and can reach up to multiple any given day as it will depend on time restraints and my brain.

That's all for now, I may post at the end of today just because I'll be busy all afternoon and will have stuff to share in the evening.