Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Boxing day was fun, plus sick student

yup, my first time out boxing day shopping and my what a haul!
a $250 laptop, and about $5000 worth of movies for $300.

now on to more seriousness.
I have a student, and have had him for about 4 months now. He learns fast and is talented in healing and rune casting, sucks at meditation though which I think is a bit weird.
We met through friends and he learned of my healing talents which lead to him wanting to learn about it and more. But that is us going a bit sideways.
He ate McDonald's (sp?) and came down with a case of food poisoning, now I love grabbing a burger or nuggets just like many other people but honestly I think the one near our house is the worst when it comes to food poisoning. If you eat at that one in particular you are almost guaranteed to get sick, which is what happened in this case.
Temped (which is the name I will use here for my student.) figured he could "fix" it himself, now I'm all for figuring out how to work on your own time if you have a sweet clue what you're doing but Tempted is known for not thinking things through. He likes to treat the symptoms and not the source, which in some cases is acceptable, just not in this case.
He treated the diarrhea and bound himself up but in doing so Tempted also trapped the poison inside his guts to ferment and destroy. Then like the usual tried to treat the upset stomach like acid re-flux and so on and so on.
Tempted probably treated about 5 or 6 different things in the course of 2 days. Then like any good worried student came in a taxi to my house.

And I sent him home.

No not to wait it out but because I knew if I treated him here that my bathroom would never be the same and no amount of incense in the world would fix what he had coming.
I gave him a drink in an metal container and told him I would give him the recipe later but for now go home and make sure the bathroom is clear and will not be needed for a few hours.

Now after his ...flush (hehe) and a bit of swearing he phones be back asking why I didn't tell him it was this simple in the first place. If he knew about it life would have been easier yadayadayada.
Well honestly I told him that people have to learn somehow and that his learning style just seems to be one of the hard ones.      

He of course was able to tell what I gave him upon first sip, or at least the main ingredient. a litre of orange juice spiked with laxatives in case the juice wasn't enough. 

The lessons?
Flush out the problem because trapping it inside will eventually stick up your bathroom like a gas chamber.
If you know a restaurant has a bad rep then it usually has one for a reason.

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