Sunday, July 15, 2012

Favorite card spread

Well C is sitting next to me right now and is asking me to post here about my favorite card spread.

Well C...

Celtic cross for the more complex looks and 3 card of general everyday shit.

Laters and Blessed Be


Saturday, July 14, 2012


It is up, online, advertised and the first page will be posted at 10pm my time tonight. after that a new page will be posted on the last page of every month.

                                                             Adventures in Silence

Blessed Be

~Flaming is dancing

Thursday, July 12, 2012

where there's smoke, there's fire. And there is a lot of smoke

A bit creepy now but when I look out my window all I see is smoke.

Well over the last few days this city has had a lot of lightning which has set off a total of 5 news fires in the surrounding woodland, these add to the other 7 fires already burning in the region. Yeah a total of 12 forest fires are raging near the city now and the city is full of smoke.

This happened last year as well and we didn't have to evacuate, though we were very close to having to evacuate last year. I hope that this year is less smokey and that again we do not have to evacuate.

Wish me and this little city luck?

Blessed Be
~Flaming Pagan threatened by her own element.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

html css and coding update

an update for here

so the schedule is completely out of wack because of my lack of knowledge and the fact that I forgot to add a few things to the list.
so here's an updated schedule

-contact page (working on it now just need to add email address/create a new one for the comic) done by July 12 (hopefully) Done
-build table for character page ( working on it but will be an ongoing project when new characters join) hopefully first drft posted between the 15-20th July)
-actually draw the portraits for the character page (see previous date) (in progress)  now typing Done and Posted on the site
-Extras page...I made it but I need to decide what to put in it and I need to  and I need to figure out mouse over dropdown menus (probably ongoing and its delay will not affect release date/ low priority) not doing drop down menu now. 
- fix bugs (on going)
-Buy the domain name and hosting (actually I'm debating using a free service at first to judge traffic before spending almost $100, will talk to L about it later this week)
-submit to top web comics by the 30th for voting and advertising (make thumbnail and all needed banners and images for voting)

again I may or may not accomplish this schedule but I'm trying

Blessed Be

edit IT'S DONE!!!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012


People probably already know that I grow a lot of edibles, it's not that uncommon in a pagan house/apartment to be honest so this update should be boring.

I have a pot of basil, it's been growing for a year and it had gotten to the point where over 3/4 of the leaves couldn't get any light anymore. So I pruned it for its own good.

It's still large but it can air out now and I have 2 racks of basil that I plant on drying in the oven. This way it'll last up to a year.

...with a still living plant I don't think we can use this much basil in a year, we were using it on a regular basis while it grew to the monstrous size that it did and it's still large enough to harvest small amounts from. So I need to start forcing basil on people again.

I use to force chives on people before but now I need to find those people (I think they're avoiding me because of the chives) and force basil on them as well.

This plant is awesome.

Grow basil, it's more than worth it.

2 racks of fresh basil after the washing but before heading into the oven.

How long will basil live anyways?

Blessed Be

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Blessed, Buck, and thunder moon

The full moon is coming up soon (July the 3rd this year) and I figure I should write a little blurb on it because I feel like it...That's kinda what I do right?

Well I know this moon by 3 names Blessed or Blessing moon, The buck or antler moon, and the thunder moon.

I have no clue behind the story on the Blessed moon so I'll leave t at that but I do know about the other names.

The Buck moon also refereed to as the antler moon has those names for the same reason.
Many animals donning antlers either start growing or do the majority of their antler growth during this month. The bucks are maturing and growing their antlers. Switch the year around obviously for south of the border...add 6 months and that gives you a Buck moon in Janurary I think. But I'm north of the border, FAR north so this is my buck moon.

The story behind the Thunder moon is quite self explanatory, this month is more likely than any other month to have thunder storms, end of story...actually I heard thunder this morning, nothing now though only gentile rain.

ok now I have one more topic to think on then I have to go back to coding my website again...I don't like css *pouts*

Blessed Be

Photo found on googe images.