Sunday, April 29, 2012

Beltane plans

Well we think we have plans for Beltane now. We'll dance and sing, light a fire and plant in a friends garden. The friend in question isn't pagan or religious for that matter but she said we could borrow a corner of her garden as long as she can enjoy the planting and harvest with us. We have to celebrate a little early however because of conflicting schedules and the time that everybody can get together.

The planting is on very short notice (today) and only 2 of us can make it though I hear rumor that our host invited other friends to enjoy in the planting.
The fire will be tomorrow the 30th, not a bon fire, just a small one in a fire pit but it will more than serve the 3 of us plus one other friend.
Me and L have solo plans later in the evening on Beltane
And I know a few others are going to dance in circles around the may pole while me and L are on the opposite side of town.

This is probably the busiest festival we've had in years, so many parts but so little lines. Thank the goddess! I hate having to recite spells in front of people.
I have a bit of a speech impediment that gets worse as I get nervous, add in a stutter and a nervousness performing in front of more than 1 person and you have yourself a very odd looking lead.

Good news abound!
I've been looking for a job for almost 5 months now and I will admit this latest and fourth month has been harder because all the jobs out there I have already sent in my resume for, even people who are not hiring have my resume and I haven't heard back from any one. This economy kinda burned out and the job search is kinda burning me out.
However a few friends of mine who have jobs in decent places, armed with my resume and are my references themselves are trying to get me a commuter job.
Now I don't particularly like commuter jobs, having to spend a week or longer in a camp setting (worse than dorms and worse food), being away from friends, family, my life. But right now I'll take what I can get, and if it means I also get my foot in the door for better job opportunities then count me in!
Obviously a little about that will be mentioned around the fire and hopefully Beltane will help me start something new, a chapter in my life where I can start working towards financial goals that I've had to put on hold for a while.
Like buying a house and starting a family.

Maybe some day soon.

Anyways back to work on my personal projects and Beltane plans,


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Thursday, April 26, 2012

News and Trade show

I'm still trying to figure out what to do about Beltane... Anima is helping me look because she has the same problem with living in an apartment downtown.
Still looking for suggestions.

I have some good news which I can't tell you about yet. (24-48 hours before I can)
and some mundane news that I still can't tell you yet.

Though I am allowed to tell you that I just got a request for me to draw a picture.
I'm on one of those mini job sites that allow you to advertise yourself to do small jobs for little money (money is tight). I don't get commissions from those sites very often but it is helping me keep my head above water in this financial mess. (taxes and other prices rise while income stays the same or drops)

What I really need is a good paying job where I can turn my talents (mainly drawing) into good use.  But so far I haven't found that yet so I'll keep on plodding away.

If you live in the wood buffalo/fort mcmurray area you are probably excited about the trade show that's happening tomorrow.
Personally I can't wait to go as I love the caramel apples and all the neat little things we can't find around town often. (and no I'm not being paid to advertise there and I'm not selling anything there)

I started a fresh batch of lentils today using the same methods as last time, I just love those things but I don't go through them very fast.

The bag is a bit stained because I also use it to cook peas pudding along with other yummy things but  it does the job nicely. Keeps the lentils all aired out and well drained after rinsing.

Now some bad news that I can share with you, and yes this will sound a bit whiny so you are warned...

I hate getting sick, having the chest cough is worse than most other sicky things I get. I like being able to breath thank you very much, so please can you sickness please leave my lungs alone and let me enjoy breathing again without sputtering or being in discomfort.

anyways back to life


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm a lucky duckling to have such a good sister

Well while wondering how to explain to my aunt differences in belief systems apparently my sister took the initiative. She lives only close to our aunt and suffered from brain freeze at the same time the rest of us did, so while doing errands she dropped into our aunts house and had a heart to heart.
I don't know exactly what was said but early this morning our aunt phoned me to apologize and to ask if I was offended.
She admitted that she had no clue about the difference between different gods and still doesn't, but at least now she knows that they are not all the same christian god.

Now the only things I need to think of this week are finding a new job and Beltane.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

People, knowledge, and education. My confusion and rant

Today was interesting to say the least, most of my family in the area know that I am a pagan.
Ok, most don't really care, I think that's awesome! We don't talk about religion except to exchange knowledge and things that we find that is interesting or new. It works out and no fights thus far, but this week one of my aunts found out. While at Tim Hortons of all places, she found out over coffee and even though the rest of us 3 wanted to stop the conversation at that, she wanted to go further.
Now I know that she is smart, but she isn't really knowledgeable about religions or belief systems, and she doesn't catch onto subtle hints that people throw off. But what she said today just made my brain go WTF!!!

She said "I don't understand all this separation of religions. It's all the same god, there is only one god and everybody believes in the same god, so why do we have to separate into different religions?"
She then goes on to tell a story about how she couldn't stand up with someone during a religious ceremony because the priest said that only a person of that brand of religion could stand up and that since she didn't follow that religion, she wasn't allowed to participate.

Now don't get me wrong, I love my aunt and think the world of her because she is one of the nicest people in the world.
But how do you manage to live into your 40's and still not know the basics about how other belief systems work?
I know not everyone goes out of their way to research other religions like many people I know have done. But we live in a place where it is not uncommon to have upwards of 10 people with different religions or belief system in the same working group or even in the same building. Most people pick up on the fact that some people believe in more than one god or even none at all, and that certainly not all the religious books in the world are based on the same bible (another point she brought up in her speech).
I had a brain freeze moment and so did the other 2 people at the table, so no one managed to correct her about that view (I'm trying to figure out how to approach her or even if I should). On one hand her lack of knowledge might eventually offend someone (if it hasn't already) but on the other hand do I know that she doesn't take well to learning new things. I might have to recruit someone to help me as I can be a little (very) blunt at times when dealing with her.
I thought about maybe taking a book for her to borrow but looking at my bookshelf was a failure as all of the books I own assume that you know at least the basics, or at least that paganism usually does not equal christian (yes I am aware of christo-pagans and have a neutral/good opinion of them as I do with most other forms of paganism). Maybe I should look up an into to paganism or barring that make one myself to share with her.
I don't want to seem pushy about my beliefs on her but at the same time I fear that if she goes on with how she is thinking now that maybe she might say the wrong thing to the wrong person and get hurt. (it's been known to happen, watch the news)
Maybe just a "hey aunt *insert name* did you know that there are religions that believe in others gods and even goddesses?" and then take it from there if she is interested.

I have a week to think about it anyway since the next family gathering isn't until next week, I hope I can come up with something not too mean or pushy by then.

Time for bed now as it is well after mid-night

g'night and blessed be

Saturday, April 21, 2012

this is a lentil extension from yesterdays post


beans beans they make you fart
the more you fart the better you feel
lets have beans for every meal.

Now replace beans with lentils, and you have your warning.


Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy earth day!!

Happy earth day every body!
Sadly my better half has to work until late tonight so that means no picnic but that's ok, we'll live. I have to work a little bit on my art as I have some things that are due soon but I plan on spending some time outdoors just being grounded in nature (or as grounded as I can be in an oil boom town), the weather is in my favor today a warm +12 Celsius and only a few clouds in the sky.

My lentil sprouts although being slow have started to gain a bit of length on them and should be good for eating now I've put them by the window to let them get a little photosynthesis on the go before I eat/refrigerate them, I didn't think 1/4 of a cup of no-name green lentils would have such a huge sprout rate but it seems like they all sprouted in this batch. I might have to by the no name lentils more often as I find the sprout rate on many commercial brands to be lacking.
If people are interested I'm soaking for 6 hours in a mason jar then using the cheese cloth bag method for the first few days before transferring them into a mason jar with a coffee filter lid for photosynthesis I hear great things about this method and it works the best for me as I cannot seem to get good enough drainage with the jars alone and do not have enough room for the large sprouter that many companies offer on my kitchen counter. I like the cheese cloth bags because I can get them at the dollar store for cheap and I can hang them anywhere in the apartment with little to no fuss.
And I just realized I sound like a cheap sales person *face palm*
If anyone has other methods for me to try out I'm all ears, I love new things.

And here is a picture of my most recent lentils.
not quite ready yet but getting there and tasting yummy.

Also I've noticed that I'm getting a few new viewers, I'd like to say welcome and I hope you enjoy!
 I'm use to having only a few people so I get easily excited when new people come over, I hope you can understand.

We also have a new person in our physical group, we're finally up to 4 people and people *cough*Anima*Cough* have been asking if I would feel comfortable calling ourselves a coven yet.
I'm not entirely sure, the new person we've only met a few times and I have a feeling that they might not stick around in that sense.
Joining us on a few occasions/rituals/lessons=yes
Being dedicated to a coven= not so much.
There is a difference between being a solo practitioner that socializes with a group or two and someone who joins a coven. Each has their own difficulties and challenges, both have their own benefits.

A coven needs a bit more work to get energy flowing together in unison and so make the whole dynamic work with out hiccups or personal issues getting in the way. Everybody needs to be on the same page and willing to put their energy to the same things. Beliefs are usually similar, if not the same in a coven and you are almost expected to share your knowledge if needed.
There is strength in numbers and you can rely on others who have greater knowledge in one area to help you in something that you are weak in, there is group support, and if you''re not sure about something there is almost always someone to help you figure it out. It's a built in friend base who wish to help you grow and succeed.

A soloist has only herself to worry about when working and directing energy, what she believes is not influenced by a group collective and she can develop her beliefs based on her experiences and personality making them more personal.
But at the same time she may or may-not have someone to turn to for help if she in weak in an area she wishes to study, and the same with support nets. She has the burden and pleasure to find things out on her own and decipher them on her own with little help. She almost needs to be a jack of all trades so she can cover all her bases. She is the only one to blame if something go amiss but is the only one to congratulate if all goes well.

Yeah there are more things to being in a coven vs being a soloist though I could probably fill a book on it, and I've been in both positions. I feel almost in-between right now with our group a bit too small for me to consider it a coven (that and we can get anything organised usually until the last minute due to scheduling).

This is something I can honestly say I'll be thinking about all day now, and it deserves some thought. I might bring it up in another post in the future but right now I just want to think.

Blessed Be


(all names have been changed) 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

toes, toes, toes and grounding

I've had vibram KSO'S for a year now but had to put them away for a while due to cold temperatures.

Took them out today because lately we've been getting warm  temperatures and little rain, but right after I take them out it started snowing...yup that sucks, but I just had to put them on anyways even though I can't wear them outside yet.

I love these because I can feel everything under me
with them which helps when I need to ground myself.
I can't always go barefoot, so these are the next
best thing.

Sorry if the pictures look odd, I had to take them with my phone because my camera is missing.

It's a bit cold here today, I might actually have to turn up the heat or bake something.

anyways, I'm off to run around on the internet. If I see anything interesting I'll come right back


Thursday, April 12, 2012

toxic people

Do you know of anyone toxic?
I do and survived to tell the tale,
seriously though some personalities just do not get along no matter what you do or for how long you try to make it work.

I just survived a weekend with my mother, she's a nice person so I've been told and I'm a nice person so she's been told, but for some reason if you stick the two of us in the same building we turn evil and go on rampages. Sadly my father and sister often get caught in the crossfire.
We try to make it work and it does work...for the first hour or so. But the last few days on a road trip with her has just reminded the both of us why I moved out in the first place.
We can tolerate small doses of each other on a weekly or biweekly bases for the sake of family.

Needless to say we both after going our separate ways needed to de-stress, hit a punching bag, yell then crash for a day. We're very much similar and we love each other but would probably end up killing each other in short time.

I'm happy to be home with my hubby, my candles and my art work.

I'm outta here

Monday, April 2, 2012

the wind moon/seed moon and my week

The wind moon is coming up on Friday, also known as the seed moon. I have to do my planting a few days early this year as this weekend for me will be crazy.

I still have many plants left from last year still which I work with nearly daily but this year I'm also planting some garlic.
A few days ago I started the garlic in a cup of water and some paper towel because I wasn't sure about the bulbs I had that were left over.But sure enough this morning when I looked there were 5/6 bulbs sprouting roots which I placed in soil today.

I just found out from my friend Anima (her screen name) that she has been referring people from yahoo answers over to this little blog here. Anima is a good friend of mine who follows a little bit of a different path but loves sending new people my way.
For that I say sorry I'm not a little more active. I wish I was but I seem never to know what to post here. If you have questions I'll do my best to answer them.

This weekend is a busy one because I have family who are non pagan, well I should say very catholic family who have invited me over for the weekend to celebrate with them. I may not celebrate for the same reason they celebrate but I am going to have fun with my family and I can't wait for all the news about new arrivals, weddings and who's expecting.
After this weekend my sister also invited me on a little road trip about 5 hours south of here to get out of town and see new sights. (we're both broke so shopping is out) we'll be staying 1 night possibly 2 and just sight seeing.
It's a larger city for sure and very different, I don't really like the place so I'm just going to spend more time with my sister.

Well I'm off to cook a little snack.