Thursday, April 12, 2012

toxic people

Do you know of anyone toxic?
I do and survived to tell the tale,
seriously though some personalities just do not get along no matter what you do or for how long you try to make it work.

I just survived a weekend with my mother, she's a nice person so I've been told and I'm a nice person so she's been told, but for some reason if you stick the two of us in the same building we turn evil and go on rampages. Sadly my father and sister often get caught in the crossfire.
We try to make it work and it does work...for the first hour or so. But the last few days on a road trip with her has just reminded the both of us why I moved out in the first place.
We can tolerate small doses of each other on a weekly or biweekly bases for the sake of family.

Needless to say we both after going our separate ways needed to de-stress, hit a punching bag, yell then crash for a day. We're very much similar and we love each other but would probably end up killing each other in short time.

I'm happy to be home with my hubby, my candles and my art work.

I'm outta here

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