Sunday, January 27, 2013

Full wolf moon Jan 26th 2013

Yup well the January full moon was yesterday...I personally know it as the wolf moon, other names I have heard it called by are the old moon and the snow moon though sometimes the February full moon is also known as the snow moon.

I know it as the wolf moon because many villages around the world where there are wolf populations hear the wolves more frequently as we are deep into winter and food in the wild is becoming more and more scarce. The wolves howl hungrily while moving closer and closer if not into the villages themselves looking for more food.

This also being the first full moon of 2013 there is some superstition attached.  I haven't tested this myself but in certain areas of the world people believe that if the first full moon of the year is bright that it means the year will receive much rain and a bountiful harvest, but a red tinted moon at the beginning of the year means a dry and scarce year.
Well last night we had clouds and snow, but I did catch a few glimpses and it wasn't red. Does that mean I'll have a mediocre year for my crops? I have no clue but I think I'll keep the moon in mind a little more while planting and see what happens this year.

Well Blessed Be

Sunday, January 20, 2013

well I moved so here's a quick summary

Well as I have mentioned before I did move over Christmas away from my apartment and into a small house with my fiance.
Yay for more room and time to do stuff and less fear because I'm living in a safer part of town!

Well lots of things happened while I was gone and lots of people helped with the move and came to visit as well.

well first the move in mid December
We were supposed to have a hockey team help joke a full college hockey team that L works with was supposed to show up and help us move everything. But they didn't show up.
Some of them slept in, some went on vacation, others just went and done whatever. A small group of them even went to the nearest big city (4-5 hours away) to go bar hopping...yup
So we had L who managed to get time off work early, my dad, one of my dad's friends, a friend we call TK, and later in the day/weekend my mother and my auntie TT to help clean up after.

Then unpacking...we managed go get 90% of the unpacking done before my grandmother flew from across the country to visit everyone and she stayed with us a few nights including Christmas eve and day.
Now most of my family is Catholic, with a few atheists  but they all know our religious sway (even if some of them don't understand the concept that there are different religions. to understand that confusion go Here)
We ate many meals had many drinks and gave many gifts around 3 tree's. We're small town folks at heart where mummering was common in times past so we still have the tendency to wander to different houses to partake in celebratory awesomeness through out the day.
In my family we do avoid heavy talks of religion and belief though some outsiders might be shocked at some of the other things we say to each other and once you get some alcohol in us, well then all bets are off. But it's all in good fun.

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Took a few days to clear up and finish our random get togethers and get back to work . We're still even giving and receiving gifts to people we know so it's not over yet.

Now I finally have a few minutes to sit and write and reflect on how my mismatched family incorporates many traditions and beliefs to just fit.
It's lots of food and work but it's more than worth it.

Now time to eat and prepare for work tomorrow while still trying to plan my garden and our wedding.

Blessed Be