Monday, February 27, 2012

A question

I got an email last night that read

"How is 'Merry meet' and 'Blessed be' used?

Are these greetings to be used in certain curcumstances or like you say hello?
If in curcumstances please feel free to elaborate."

Myself, I have heard Blessed Be used as a sigh of relief before but other than that I have no other knowledge or any other usages. 
Anybody else know? 
if you do can you answer in the comments?

Sunday, February 26, 2012


This morning I have come to the conclusion that us women must be biologically altered to be self serving masochists.

Honestly we are the only ones in the animal kingdom that will question our own intelligence while waxing or while doing general hair removal that hurts but when it's all done will still go back a few days later for more.
Not only that but mother nature helps too for those during puberty and before menopause for at least a week a month.

What brought on this idea?
This evil thing brought on this train of leg down and I'm about to go back for more.

*face palm*

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm lazy

well maybe not soo much lazy, just forgetful.

Today I accomplished sewing 4 bags for tarot and oracle decks, fixed a night shirt that had a hole, cleaned a bit of the apt with my fiancee I'm cooking supper.

Yeah I think I need a group of people to bug. I'm starting to get more into the craft but I need a little more motivation.
Looking around town I couldn't find any coffee chats or anything but I know there are plenty of pagans here, they just don't get together. So I'm thinking of making a coffee chat on sundays at different coffee houses. I know of 4 places that we can rotate but I just need to find people. And that's the hard part. But I'm trying.

Wish me the best?

of and if you are in the woodbuffalo area of alberta leave a comment and I can send you the location of the chat.