Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm lazy

well maybe not soo much lazy, just forgetful.

Today I accomplished sewing 4 bags for tarot and oracle decks, fixed a night shirt that had a hole, cleaned a bit of the apt with my fiancee I'm cooking supper.

Yeah I think I need a group of people to bug. I'm starting to get more into the craft but I need a little more motivation.
Looking around town I couldn't find any coffee chats or anything but I know there are plenty of pagans here, they just don't get together. So I'm thinking of making a coffee chat on sundays at different coffee houses. I know of 4 places that we can rotate but I just need to find people. And that's the hard part. But I'm trying.

Wish me the best?

of and if you are in the woodbuffalo area of alberta leave a comment and I can send you the location of the chat.

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