Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sponsored walk for animals

Ok, My pup and I have signed up for a sponsored walk for the local spca no kill shelter this Saturday coming (sept 7th), as well as a few contests to raise money. some people who read here live in town and I welcome you to join in as there will also be (from what I've been told) a small market and lots of dogs.

Should be fun

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The wedding went well.

+ 27 Celsius, not a cloud in the sky. The handfasting was...entertaining. rofl T our best man apparently can't count to 7 or tie a knot, but hey it all went well and hilarious.  What good is a wedding if there isn't some comedic relief right?
My sis and I made each other smile during wedding pictures by yelling 2 words. Those 2 words are an inside joke that greatly disturbed the photographers and the rest of the wedding party and if they knew the story they would probably be more disturbed. Warped minds make great fun.
The after party went wonderful without a hitch as the two families mingled and my sis again helped scare people by telling the MC to announce that she had a special gift for us.

MC "L if it vibrates drop it and run!"
it was a cute monster onesie/footie pjs, but they played it up like it was scandalous.

Then we ran away to a cabin for the night before sleeping well past our alarms and showing up to the tear down with water and pop for everyone.

I'd like to thank everyone who helped set up and tear down, even though many of those people don't read this blog. we had something like 12 people help put up 2 tents, people I do not know well but are friends of the family came in and became family themselves. Those are very valuable people to have in your life if you can find them.  We had a kitchen full of family and friends to help cater and people we barely know just show up to help.

If you're wondering about the supper, we had a giant BBQ before the ceremony, the only thing I would change is to add an extra hour so the wedding party has more time to eat. The supper before the ceremony keeps everyone happy and less bored though a bit more tired but that's ok, there were chairs at the ceremony.

Then a few days later...giant rain drops and bits of we cut it close.

Now just waiting on the wedding pictures so we can send them off to those who want them, though the thank you cards are not going through the mail if we can help it. the mail lost over half of the invites so I'm not trusting them with the thank you cards.

Well that's pretty much it about the wedding

Blessed Be everyone
I'll try to be back soon