Friday, March 2, 2012

art, family and speed friending

Well I got a request for some commissions again, not too much just a few charcoal drawings roughly picture sized by Monday... wait it's Friday. Shoot I have 3 nature pictures to draw by Monday noon. *sigh*
I really need to look at the calendar more often. I honestly thought that is was Wednesday until I logged into here.
The commissions may need to be done by Monday but I still have other pictures to do this and next week for family. My parents figured out that I can draw now I have family pictures to do, 3 down and 3 more to go...possibly a fourth.

Speed Friending... yeah it sounds weird to me as I have never heard of it before but why not try it right? At worst I'll have some funny stories to tell when I get back.
A local coffee shop is hosting it next Friday night and I think I'm just bored enough to try it seeing as all my commissions should be done by then.
If you are in the Fort McMurray area the coffee house is called cocojoes and the details can be found on the snap website look at the calendar under the 9th and maybe we'll meet? maybe not? meh we'll never know will we. But it looks like something that can either be extremely boring, awkward or hilarious. Either way it's something new, and I've enlisted a friend just in case it turns out to be a bust, she's been up here for a while and doesn't make friends easily so look for a girl with a dragon pentacle necklace and say hi to her, I'm the redhead that'll be laughing and poking her.

See ya