Saturday, June 6, 2015

Oh the weather outside is....ok weather man why do I predict the weather more accurately?

Before we start, I know I know the weather is a tricky thing.
Just ask my weatherman, he says that we won't have any precipitation for the next 48 hours...while I look outside at a thunder shower.

I should just listen to my gut.

I love hanging out my clothes but when I took my load outside to hang dry, the air just felt heavy. Barely a cloud in the sky, but the air felt heavy.
I turned on my computer and double checked, yup the sky looks right we shouldn't get rain.  So why does the air feel heavy?

First load dried perfect no issues. Second load...OI it was almost dried!
the bad part is that it came on so quickly that I didn't get time to bring it all in before the clothes got soaked through again.

My lesson of today?
Go with my gut instinct, it's rarely wrong.