Friday, March 15, 2013

I disappeared again

I went Missing again didn't I?

well yes, and I don't have a very good reason.
I just plain forgot, I am so busy at work pulling 10+ hour days for 10 day stretches, with my 4 days off I'm playing catch up with cleaning, cooking, teaching, socializing, and worshiping. Plus I have a new puppy which is like a child! I swear she needs all your attention all of the time.

But all that is settled a bit today, so here I am.

so what did I miss talking about?

IMBOLC (Feb 3rd)

I don't do much for Imbolc seeing as it's usually so close to yule and it sneaks right up on you as soon as your done all your celebrations, but that's ok relax. Imbolc is a time where things are becoming new again. animals are getting ready to birth and some are even lactating, they are nesting down for their future kids.
and I got a puppy and had to puppy proof the entire house (and failed).

Whats coming up fast?
OSTARA (March 20th or the spring equinox)
Light and dark are matching up equally things are being born and it's a good time to start something new...Like maybe your seeds?
Not only am I going to start me seeds but I'm also going to delve into yogurt making on my stove. I eat enough of it that if I can make it it'll not only cut down on my grocery bill but I will also know more about what I'm eating. Which is always a good thing.

 Yogurt recipe I'm trying
-heat ~946ml of milk to 85°C on stove in double boiler (stir occasionally) 
-let cool to 43°C then add warm starter ~2 TBSPs
you can get dry powder bacteria starter but I'm using a plain greek yogurt with live active cultures 
-mix extremely well and incubate in oven at ~38°C using oven light and warming mode 
-After 7 or more hours of incubation should have fairly decent thickness with possible curd floating on top (curd = clear yellowish liquid) can incubate longer for thicker or more tart tasting yogurt or use a cheese cloth to drain and have thicker yogurt. 
-stick in fridge to cool...will last up to 2 weeks (unless I eat it first)
-save some for more starter repeat until not reliable anymore then get new starter. 

add flavor or sugar as needed

Most of my directions came from here but others from random searches around google.

Wish me luck?

Blessed Be