Friday, June 29, 2012

html, css, table, div and chairs OH MY!

Some of you may know that I am a slightly talented artist....very slightly 
and well I have been toying with the idea of putting up a webcomic for some time now, so I went ahead and started drawing pages...that was a few months now, I have enough pages to last a few months (think of it as a buffer) and well enough is enough.
I have to actually now sit down and code the darn webpage and post everything online...It has nothing to do with paganism though it has many magical elements in in.
Why am I posting this here, well I need to post a finish date somewhere so that I have someone or something other than family that is holding me to a date. So my blog is now holding me to a date...but not only a date but a schedule!

By July the 2nd I want to have the last tweeks to the cover done
By July 6th I want to have the basic overall coding done, This is taking more time than expected
By July 7th I want to have the cover page up
July 8th day of rest...that and my family will demand attention, I'll even post here to tell you how far I am along.
July 9th a contact the author page coded working on this now and even added a "extras" page
July 10th designed and drawn character page
July 11th  character page coded and up along with the first page on or before now. And a schedule made for updating. 
By July 15 I want to submit my link to topwebcomics, shouldn't be too hard because family will only demand attention for most of the day...right?

Yeah so hopefully by the 15 the page will be somewhat functional and I'll post a link to it then. I may edit this list but I should take no longer than July 25 to complete the list.

~Flaming Pagan needs a nap

OH MY GODDESS I am so behind.
this update is July the 7th and I'm seriously debating if I should just hire a coder.
What I have done is highlighted in fuchsia and what I'm stuck on is in yellow, but in all seriousness I'm almost done the basic overall coding.

And on a lighter note, the code is less likely to mess up when I'm coding in my PJ's.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

paying for services.

I've seen in the last few days people have started talking about paying for services rendered, mostly from what I've seen everyone falls into one of 3 camps. Obviously 2 extreme ends and a happy middle world, I think I belong somewhat to the middle world but people have the hardest time judging themselves so I may be wrong about this one.

The first group of people believe that it should all be for these are not just the people seeking these survives, there are clergy and teachers that fall into this category and it seems like this category is one of the more accepted ones.  There are clergy that will officiate for free as long as their calendar is accepting of the time, teachers and covens that will teach anyone who comes by for nothing more than the occasional gift.
This is all fine and dandy on the small scale but it can be quite costly for the clergy and teacher once you add in supplies needed and travel costs (gas).

Then there are those in the middle category who don't charge for their services but will require to be reimbursed for the cost of supplies and travel cost. I personally fall into this category as when I do teach I often go through at least double the supplies than I normally would alone, sometimes having to use supplies that I normally do not use is another cost, and if we have to travel to a place that I normally wouldn't travel to is also costly. It all adds up. I don't charge for my time, just for my expenses. Though a gift of food or something is always welcome ;)
For those who don't wish to pay me for my costs they can easily contact me and I can give them a list of things needed for that particular time and lesson so that they bring the required materials themselves. Honestly I prefer that option because it not only allows students to find a better deal but it stop the cash transaction and teaches the students where to look for things and how to identify certain items.

Then there are those who charge for services rendered, these people usually have a set cost or a cost per hour and on top of this they sometimes ask to be paid back for operating, supply and travel cost. This seems to be from what I can see, the least accepted and most lonely group.
I have even read on other article and blogs to avoid these people completely because this group has been infiltrated with people who are looking for cash with little to no knowledge or effort.
Now some of the people in this group might be looking only for the money but we should avoid painting them all with the same brush. Time is money and if these people are always getting request on top of request, then this system might be just the thing they need to keep everyone organized and everything running smoothly.
I know I don't get anywhere near this many requests where I feel like I have to charge for my time but some more popular people might get just that many requests for their time.

 Well that's pretty much my understanding on all this,

Bless Be

Monday, June 25, 2012

Just a quick question.

I've been asked the same question by all manners of people and strangers, so I need to clear something up in my head.

Apparently my dragons look like a cross...yeah it does a little until you get close and realize it's a pentacle with 2 dragons wrapped around it, but some people even after a close look still believe that it's still a christian cross.

I just don't see it but maybe you might...and yeah I took it off long enough to take a picture because I figured that although some of you may like a gratuitous boob shot, not everyone would. That and I'm not showing you my boobs.

Blessed Be

The summer solstice

Did I forget about the summer solstice? nope I had a quiet night with L and stayed up as long as I could to try and see the sunrise (didn't happen, I'm a pansy and need bed early) but I did talk to a few friends on the phone about their plans and we were pretty much all in agreement. We all tried to stay up to see the sunrise which should have been easy as we only had maybe 2 hours of dark...possibly 3 hours of dark.

I failed miserably and fell asleep at 10:30 hours before the sunset
C saw the twilight before the sunrise at around 3am before falling asleep
and T was on night shift so he saw the entire thing because he didn't really have a choice.
T isn't pagan he's more of an atheist or agnostic...I'm not sure which but I'm not too worried, he's a good guy  and that's all that matters.

Well now the days are going to get shorter and shorter until the longest night in December which makes me a little sad, I need the sun to keep me happy it seems. during the winter it is the complete opposite of now. now we only get a few hours of dark and I tend to go to bed before the sunset but once winter comes and the longest night approaches we might only get 32-3 hours of daylight.
I swear if the stereotypical vampire was real then they would not be able to survive here, it would be a nice winter home but they would starve during the summer.

I've eaten some of my strawberries and have only 3 left to wait for, they will ripen soon but just not yet. My tomato plant has a few little yellow flowers on it but not enough to make me confident that we'll have tomatoes this year...last year we had more flowers and only came away with 3 small tomatoes due to birds and constriction people.

I like summer, I'm not fond on the heat as it can get up to 42°C but I love the light and the safety it brings. I live in a rough part of town and summers are when I feel the safest going out for a walk.
My birthday is also in summer. This Wednesday actually, I'm having trouble waiting.
I know about one gift that I'm receiving, my aunt all but forced me to open the gift that she gave me last week, mom has something up her sleeve and I just have no clue, and my sister has admitted defeat and so has offered to take me shopping.
L is giving me a kidding, my own little piece of the web so I can have my own url and a place to put up some of my book I've been working on the last little while. I'll still need to code it and find a host but the name is a desirable name considering the books title. I might post a link for it here once it's finished even though it really doesn't have anything to do with paganism.
It's my project and I want to show it off to the world even if it's not that good.

Well I best be off to try and find new topics to post about, I'm getting lazy and my brain doesn't want to do much more thinking today.

Blessed Be

Picture found on google

Thursday, June 21, 2012

No one is allowed to pick on him/her except ME!

picture linked to source
No one is allowed to pick on him/her except ME!
Sounds like something an older sibling might say about a younger sibling, or even the other way around in some families. It's not a strange concept either, this way of thinking has crossed countries and cultures without the need for some kid union, newsletter, or pre-birth conference.
Kids just think like that. Why?

Well probably the same reason why many groups act this way. We don't all voice it like our children do, children are rather straight forward and blunt when they want to get a point across. We poke around in the corners and hide this way of thinking because to many this way of thinking is; old school, entitled thinking or just plain wrong. But for the most part the human species has thins way of thinking buried within it's subconscious constantly turning the cranks.
If you don't know what I'm talking about, this can be a variation of "Protect you own"

Many groups pick on sub-groups or even individuals with-in their group relentlessly until another outside force threatens the group. Miraculously all of a sudden the bullies and the victims gang up together and work together to eliminate a common threat. But as soon as that threat is over the old status-quo takes over again.

This happens in politics within and between countries, within religious communities, even the LGBT community.
But why do we do it?
For children it is often a family entitlement, annoyance and love situation.  "yeah I love my sister, but sometimes she can be annoying. I pick on her on occasion, but you're not allowed to pick on her, I'll hurt you if you do!"
But for those of us who aren't related but are a part of a loose knit group, what are our motivations? This way of thought completely defies some bits of logic but validates others. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." can be taken and applied for both sides of the argument. But who is the enemy and who isn't completely depends on the circumstances, and do we favor one enemy over the other? Or do we see others of our loosely knit group as more like annoying siblings?

I for one am completely confused. All I know is that if you hurt one of my own then you prepare yourself. I may pick on them but only out of jest and I make sure that they know it.

Blessed Be

Saturday, June 16, 2012

No going veggie is NOT a requirement!

I don't mean to offend people but this has been bugging the hell out of me for a few months now.

I'm not a vegetarian or vegan, I like my meat medium to medium rare and love bacon. I tried to be a vegetarian once and found out about a few new food sensitivities that I didn't know about before that prevent me from getting certain nutrients from a plant based only diet. Maybe one of these days when I have enough money to hire a dietitian I might try again but for now I'm not worried about it too much and other people shouldn't be either.
Other people also shouldn't feel the need to push bias, false, and offensive into my face about my own belief system either.

I'm a happy omnivore like many animals out there, the human digestive track is capable of digesting meat. As long as the meat that I eat comes from humanely treated animals than I'm happy.
This does not mean that I am a hypocrite or that I'm just trying to be popular with claiming to be a type of pagan. I've been some type of pagan or another for almost half my life, I'm pretty sure it's not a phase.

Being vegan or a vegetarian is NOT a requirement for becoming most types of pagan. There may be some trads out there that require it but most don't.
If you are a vegan or vegetarian then I support you, you have a bit of hard work to start by figuring out the nutrition intake and all that but it's a healthy life to live if you are doing it right. I kept a few of my vegetarian recipes because they were healthier that some of my go to favorites and have increased my health a lot by making a few simple changes, but because of how I was born, it is not possible to switch to a complete vegan or vegetarian diet at this time of my life.  

What brought on this little rant of mine?
A bus buddy that I haven't talked to in a while.

I don't take the bus often anymore but a few months ago I use to take it daily and I met a person by pure chance who loved to talk about religion and compare religions as much as I do, if not more. Also by pure chance this person got off at the same bus stop as me.
Good enough we had many interesting debates about differing religions and picking out both the good and bad of each. We even debated Christianity and the differing types of paganism.
He didn't know much about paganism or christianity so I pointed him to a few books and websites so he could catch up and we could continue our debates...I don't think he touched those sources but that's ok, he wanted to do his own research.
Now I don't mind research, I think everyone should research things that interest them or things that are important in your daily life so you can get a good understanding about those things.
He disappeared for almost a week but when he came back he was a changed man. How?

Apparently he was in the process of converting to christianity. Great I congratulated him on finding something that he liked, and then we started the debates again. for the first week it was basically me debunking what he had learned about christianity (he went on quite a few trollish websites), I tried to do this as respectfully as I could and even gave him the name of a pastor I know who is very open to questions. He was impressed and by the end of the week he was under the impression that I was a christian. And in turn very shocked to find out that I left christianity after being in it for roughly 15 years.

Then the following week we started on paganism, again I assume he went to some bad websites because he was under the impression that paganism falls into 2 camps. Those that worship satan and do blood sacrifices and those who live in the trees and are one with nature. (the complete extreme ends of the spectrum.)
I then tried to educate him of the hundreds of types of pagan and told him that there are hundreds if not thousands of trads that I don't know about. He was very resistant to learning about paganism and was very adamant that his information was the right and that what I knew was a fairy tale. This obviously bugged me and I told him that as a pagan I was slightly offended but some of those stereotypes that he insisted were true. This was only day 3 into the pagan week and things turned around right quick. First he tried to convert me, and when he found out that it wouldn't work that way he then proceeded to put me and my beliefs down and claim that I was a wife of the devil and such.
the main points he brought against me were the typical points that I've heard before
*you're going to hell
*satan has tricked you
*you must be sacrificing small animals on weekends or full moons to get what you want
* you throw curses all willy nilly

This obviously pisses me off but I can let it bounce off me, all I have to do is change seats.  He followed me to my new seat and then hit hard a few times with his words.
(remember his 2 extreme ideas on paganism)
"You can't be a pagan, you eat meat and you live in the oilsands. Pagans are supposed to protect nature, not destroy it by eating meat, torturing animals through farming, or standing idly by while destruction is happening through mining. How can you call yourself a pagan? Your not just lost to god, you can't even follow your own perceived morals."

Now I've seen what happens out on site, is it good? no. is it as bad as people show in the media? no is it as bad as people want to believe? no
is the land recovering? yes, slow and steady but yes.

I walked through 40 year old reclaimed land and didn't know it was reclaimed because I didn't know mining had happened there in the first place. I took those courses and seen first hand what happens, was critical about a lot of it but the end result is eventually achieved and animals do come back and thrive.

I know that the destruction is happening in a controlled setting and that mother nature isn't having any problems taking back the spend land. Do I agree with it? no I have seen things that I didn't like but what can I do about it other than life my life to the best of my ability and help others to so the same. I can't shake a magic wand and stop all the mining.
But this guy assumes that just because I can't stop it means that I'm choosing not to stop it and therefore going against my beliefs all together.

I covered the fact that it is not possible at this time for me to become vegan or vegetarian and be healthy but because I can't afford the proper person to help me to build a diet around what I can and can't eat then that must means that I'm an evil bitch that tortures animals for fun before eating their children alive.

Now I haven't spoken to this guy in a while but what was said those few days were just burning in the back of my brain and making me mad at the weirdest times, but what really set it off today was another persons blog response on a different blog that I read.
No I refuse to link it or say anything to compromise the person because they are entitled to their ignorant opinion. No matter how mad it makes me.
There is a poster that insisted that if you claimed to be a pagan without being a vegan then you are a fluffy bunny that doesn't deserve to be acknowledged among the community, and that the vegans are sick and tired of always being harassed because they are vegans and are only informing people about the fact that they are fluffy and unhealthy because you are not a vegan.    

I'm sorry but fluffy? I'm fluffy? 
If you feel the need to put down what I do and believe be prepared for the repercussions. I refuse to let you go spreading hate and ignorance around unchecked. I will take action to inform others about how wrong you are and respond to your post in a polite and informative fashion so that others who read it will know that I am not trying to start an argument but to inform people about your common misconception. 

I do not engage in fighting but I will make sure that people see both sides of the coin. If you choose to fling names and insults then it is you that is invalidating your own argument. I refuse to lower myself to flinging insults over the internet over simple ignorance.

Now if you will excuse me I need to go blow off some steam by running down to the game store and destroying my friends in a game of pick up Pathfinder,VTM, or D&D.  Plus I head that there's a sale today.

Blessed Be

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Living in a multi-faith family is doable, my story.

Hey guys,
This is a long post but emails and questions recently have proven that this is an issue that needs to be addressed. It's a common issue and it involves family tension. I'm going to skim as much as I can allow to avoid exposing people but other than that it's all true and relevant. If you want to know how to combine multiple faiths then maybe my story will help.

As some of you may or may not know, I come from a catholic family. While yes there are other forms of christianity mixed in with my family, the mass bulk is catholic. Now it doesn't seem like a big deal to me now but early on in my teen life up to a few short months ago I was petrified at the slight chance that someone in my family would figure out that I switched teams to join up with at first wicca and now general eclectic paganism.

I hid and I hid well, I give credit to the fact that I'm a spiritually lazy person and tend to also be a wall flower at family gatherings.
The entire family (except dad) was dragged to church every Sunday morning and we all had to play our part, which although I didn't realize it at the time, made me look like the model catholic school girl sans short skirt. What I did realize at the time though was that I could learn more about christianity so that I wouldn't be too harsh on it after I left the church. What better way to learn the religion than to read the book, and what timing too as the catholic church in my town was looking for lay readers. (a lay reader is a person that reads the bible in from of the congregation,  there are 3 passages read during the service, the first 2 can be read by 1 or 2 lay readers while the third must be read by the priest. Lay readers are supposed to be only male but some churches have changed that rule because male tend to not volunteer) I was a lay reader for 4 years...I think reading the bible more than once all the way through done me some good in learning what the rest of my family believed in, but it also made my fear worse.

In college I opened up a bit more as I met more religions and what not. I eventually set up a small portable alter in my room and although I couldn't burn incense I still did a few things to show my dedication. (note that I was still living with my parents at the time)

My mother knowing that I was into weird stuff anyways, that I was deeply into fantasy art, and knew that I  loved to study other religions (my excuse was to be able to understand people better) figured that it was just a weird set-up to give me inspiration for a drawing while I studied some dead or fantasy religion.
I didn't tell her for 5 years after I graduated high school, and I had to tell her twice. Once in front of friends (mainly because she found my books) and once at brunch with one other relative...this other relative proceeded to piss me off with her uneducated views of the world and it's "one religion". I don't know if mom cares or if she's still just in's been a while but I'm still not sure because she really hasn't really said much about it yet.
(I love my mother and I believe that I get my absent mindedness from her, even though I still find that extremely funny that I could have went on worry free and mom would have forgotten that day completely)

My Dad...Well he has yet to say anything but I think he knew anyways or at least had an idea, he didn't bat an eyelash when the alter was set up and even made a few very well hidden but sweet comments about were stuff like that could be bought around town...yes the first metaphysical shop I found was suggested by my not so religious father. I never actually came out and told him and the topic has yet to come up but I know that he knows, I mean I don't hide it anymore especially around him and he's so obvious now that I would bet money on it. And my sister agrees.
(My dad is awesome, never underestimate a quiet person, especially if they're short and small)

My sister was the first person that I told outright. As soon as I found out that she wasn't going to church anymore (I had stopped going when I went to college) I asked her what was up and we told each other our religious changes. Her to Agnostic and myself to paganism, she was cool with it and apparently was toying with that same idea herself for a while. She was worried about what mom would say about it, we were both petrified by the idea, and she figured that Dad probably already knew because for some weird reason he seems to know anything and everything before the involved person(s) even knows themselves.
(my sister is pretty laid back, it's easy to talk to her if you manage to find her.)

Now I live on my own engaged to a wonderful man who is not really religious...but then again I'm still lazy spiritually as well a lot of the time, so it evens out.

I still see my family on a regular basis and we just act as if we were normal. (what is normal anyways? ) I don't think trying to BBQ steak on a gas grill in -40°C on the patio is normal but we tried anyways.
(You thought I was going to say something disturbing? Sorry that would have given away too much info, that and what has been seen can never be unseen *shivers in disgust*)

Now to present day I still interact with my family where we compromise to make everything work with the two religions.
We have Sunday feast which is family tradition, yeah originally it was tied to the christian sabbath day but over the generations it's mostly an excuse to get together, stuff our faces, and poke fun at each other.

It's all in good fun, Christmas and other holy days?

Well look around at Christmas, it seems more about Santa now than anything. But we worship separate then get together to exchange gifts and again; stuff our faces, and poke fun.
Easter? same thing but with more chocolate.

It's doable, very doable and considering most holy days are around the same time anyways (give or take up to a week) it's not too bad for convenience.

And if there is one thing christians and pagans have in common, it's our love for food and celebration that revolves around family. Merging the two is easy as long as no one decides to dis-agree or take offense.

Just try to break the news softly to very religious relatives just in case and it's always good to get the idea that paganism isn't evil out there first for a while to soften the perceived blow.

I know people who just out right and stated it matter of factly at a family gathering, who were promptly kicked out of the family the the family priest.
It happens so proceed with caution if you have a very religious family, but remember that no one will blame you for not telling them. Especially if telling them will put your well being at risk.

I hope this clears up a lot of the questions

Blessed Be

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bit of a dry spell

These last few days seem like a bit of a dry spell.
I'm getting plenty done around the apartment, and reading all kinds of story books, I've even managed to rope in a phone interview for a new job.

But I don't feel productive at all spiritually this week.

Views are down which is no biggy for me, but normally when this happens I hit up various sites and coffee shops to get some inspiration on what to write next. I do this in hopes that I don't get forgotten I guess, that and I want to be interesting.

I'm thinking about joining up with the pagan blog project, just to get some inspiration on what top write during these dry periods.
I was resistant to the idea at first because everybody seems to be doing it and I want to be somewhat unique and not flood the internet with identical ideas every week. But now that I am going though this dry spot and thinking about it more, the more it seems like a good idea.
I mean yeah the subject might be similar and all but different paths and different people have different brains and thought processes. It's all organized so that people are posting at least once a week and people can get to know the inner workings of their fellow pagan bloggers.

So I might look at the topic for this and next week to make my final decision but at the same time, welcome others to add in their 2 cents so I can think on it more.

Blessed Be

Linky just to show people what I'm talking about

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


So I'm a bit late in typing this, but not for lack of knowledge. I've been busy doing sketches, fighting deadlines and doing important errands so I honestly thought that I had more time to post this.

Venus is tracking across the sun today, this evening actually and won't be happening again in our lifetime...unless people find the fountain of youth or extend life so we can live over 109 or so (which may be possible)
My calculations
Seeing it at 4 years old for the first time and remembering it at 109 when it happens again in the year 2117. And if this person is very lucky and lives to be 117 they can see it again in 2125.
That 4 year old would be extremely lucky to see it 3 times in his/her life.
I also chose 4 years old because most adults only have sporadic memories before that time and those over 4 have a higher chance of remembering it.

The planet Venus will be so dwarfed by the sun that the planet will look like a tiny dot (blackhead?) on the sun. You'll need special glasses if you want to see it though. Or look at it online during a live feed, unless of course you are looking to go blind in the very near future.

Anyways I have to run again

Blessed Be


Picture source 8fsiWnkqsKQAIcdgkCdr8vBEeYFS1KBtOWcFNe22TDWu0z

Saturday, June 2, 2012

spaghetti sauce

yum yum yum, I'm one of the very few people that I know that will make spaghetti sauce from scratch, and no not from canned tomato paste but from actual tomatoes (or canned sliced if I'm too lazy to pick up fresh tomato)

what you need
-tomatoes 1-2 per person
-bell peppers
-salt (optional)
-peppercorn (or ground pepper)
-roughly a pound (give or take for preference) of ground beef or tiny beef chunks, or meat balls yummy
-what's in your fridge that might taste good (lol)


Most of this is to taste as I don't actually have a recipe for this, it's basically a way for me to use up what veggies I can from the fridge and have something different each time.

Fry or bake or boil (I like frying) your meat until cooked

-Squish your tomatoes, or puree or blend, toss in a pot on the stove and bring to a simmer

-Add; basil, thyme, and sage. (add to taste but remember that this taste may increase over time, start with a small amount as it is possible to add more later but impossible to subtract later)

-Stir often and let simmer until it starts to thicken (max I have seen it go is 40 minutes if you want to speed it up then corn starch or a little flour can help)

-Add you chunks of bell peppers and either slice, grind, or add whole the garlic.  (add to taste but remember that the taste of garlic will increase over time, start with a small amount as it is possible to add more later but impossible to subtract later)

- Right before serving but while still on the stove add meat then salt and pepper to taste.

I'm sorry I couldn't give precise measurements for this RHY but honestly it changes based on mood and what's in my fridge and what spices are on hand...though I can tell you that marjoram will make it much hotter when combined with garlic.

I plan on making this either Monday or Tuesday.

Blessed Be

feels naked

Well I had to drive L to work early this morning so since I was out I decided to head to Mac Island early ~10am to read and drink coffee until yoga at 11. I got into mac island parking lot then I felt it, I felt naked. Why?
Because I didn't put on my necklace this morning. I usually take off my pentacle and dragon necklace when sleeping for 2 reasons. 
1)the chain isn't all that sturdy
2)it's pointy!

So yeah I felt naked.

But that's ok because I'm home now.  Yoga it turns out was cancelled by the instructor because she's sick. 

I was still drinking coffee and reading for about an hour between 10 and 11, the coffee wasn't the best because their machine has been down for almost 3 weeks now and they have the pump thermos canisters. I'm not a big fan of those, I find they make the coffee taste off. 

And I also returned a bunch of books to the library today so I'll have to update my list on what I've read and what is next. 

Apparently there's a read-a-thon going on at the end of this month. 
I might join it though I have a few things personal going on around the same birthday and all won't leave much time for reading. Though if anyone wants to check it out then go to

Just a heads up the banner won't link right away because I suck at html... 

Blessed Be