Tuesday, June 26, 2012

paying for services.

I've seen in the last few days people have started talking about paying for services rendered, mostly from what I've seen everyone falls into one of 3 camps. Obviously 2 extreme ends and a happy middle world, I think I belong somewhat to the middle world but people have the hardest time judging themselves so I may be wrong about this one.

The first group of people believe that it should all be for free...no these are not just the people seeking these survives, there are clergy and teachers that fall into this category and it seems like this category is one of the more accepted ones.  There are clergy that will officiate for free as long as their calendar is accepting of the time, teachers and covens that will teach anyone who comes by for nothing more than the occasional gift.
This is all fine and dandy on the small scale but it can be quite costly for the clergy and teacher once you add in supplies needed and travel costs (gas).

Then there are those in the middle category who don't charge for their services but will require to be reimbursed for the cost of supplies and travel cost. I personally fall into this category as when I do teach I often go through at least double the supplies than I normally would alone, sometimes having to use supplies that I normally do not use is another cost, and if we have to travel to a place that I normally wouldn't travel to is also costly. It all adds up. I don't charge for my time, just for my expenses. Though a gift of food or something is always welcome ;)
For those who don't wish to pay me for my costs they can easily contact me and I can give them a list of things needed for that particular time and lesson so that they bring the required materials themselves. Honestly I prefer that option because it not only allows students to find a better deal but it stop the cash transaction and teaches the students where to look for things and how to identify certain items.

Then there are those who charge for services rendered, these people usually have a set cost or a cost per hour and on top of this they sometimes ask to be paid back for operating, supply and travel cost. This seems to be from what I can see, the least accepted and most lonely group.
I have even read on other article and blogs to avoid these people completely because this group has been infiltrated with people who are looking for cash with little to no knowledge or effort.
Now some of the people in this group might be looking only for the money but we should avoid painting them all with the same brush. Time is money and if these people are always getting request on top of request, then this system might be just the thing they need to keep everyone organized and everything running smoothly.
I know I don't get anywhere near this many requests where I feel like I have to charge for my time but some more popular people might get just that many requests for their time.

 Well that's pretty much my understanding on all this,

Bless Be

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