Monday, June 25, 2012

The summer solstice

Did I forget about the summer solstice? nope I had a quiet night with L and stayed up as long as I could to try and see the sunrise (didn't happen, I'm a pansy and need bed early) but I did talk to a few friends on the phone about their plans and we were pretty much all in agreement. We all tried to stay up to see the sunrise which should have been easy as we only had maybe 2 hours of dark...possibly 3 hours of dark.

I failed miserably and fell asleep at 10:30 hours before the sunset
C saw the twilight before the sunrise at around 3am before falling asleep
and T was on night shift so he saw the entire thing because he didn't really have a choice.
T isn't pagan he's more of an atheist or agnostic...I'm not sure which but I'm not too worried, he's a good guy  and that's all that matters.

Well now the days are going to get shorter and shorter until the longest night in December which makes me a little sad, I need the sun to keep me happy it seems. during the winter it is the complete opposite of now. now we only get a few hours of dark and I tend to go to bed before the sunset but once winter comes and the longest night approaches we might only get 32-3 hours of daylight.
I swear if the stereotypical vampire was real then they would not be able to survive here, it would be a nice winter home but they would starve during the summer.

I've eaten some of my strawberries and have only 3 left to wait for, they will ripen soon but just not yet. My tomato plant has a few little yellow flowers on it but not enough to make me confident that we'll have tomatoes this year...last year we had more flowers and only came away with 3 small tomatoes due to birds and constriction people.

I like summer, I'm not fond on the heat as it can get up to 42°C but I love the light and the safety it brings. I live in a rough part of town and summers are when I feel the safest going out for a walk.
My birthday is also in summer. This Wednesday actually, I'm having trouble waiting.
I know about one gift that I'm receiving, my aunt all but forced me to open the gift that she gave me last week, mom has something up her sleeve and I just have no clue, and my sister has admitted defeat and so has offered to take me shopping.
L is giving me a kidding, my own little piece of the web so I can have my own url and a place to put up some of my book I've been working on the last little while. I'll still need to code it and find a host but the name is a desirable name considering the books title. I might post a link for it here once it's finished even though it really doesn't have anything to do with paganism.
It's my project and I want to show it off to the world even if it's not that good.

Well I best be off to try and find new topics to post about, I'm getting lazy and my brain doesn't want to do much more thinking today.

Blessed Be

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