Monday, June 25, 2012

Just a quick question.

I've been asked the same question by all manners of people and strangers, so I need to clear something up in my head.

Apparently my dragons look like a cross...yeah it does a little until you get close and realize it's a pentacle with 2 dragons wrapped around it, but some people even after a close look still believe that it's still a christian cross.

I just don't see it but maybe you might...and yeah I took it off long enough to take a picture because I figured that although some of you may like a gratuitous boob shot, not everyone would. That and I'm not showing you my boobs.

Blessed Be


  1. hmm from a certain distance it might resemble a cross ... However for me it looks more like a heart with a funny tail :D it's a really beautiful dragon/pentacle pendant :D love it

  2. yeah and in that picture it's extremely dirty...I didn't realize how dirty it was until I took that picture.
    I cleaned it so it's much shinier now.

    I don't mind it being mistaken for a cross at a distance or even up close. It just confuses me sometimes how people still can see a difference if they look at it from less than 3 feet away.

    The fact that it resembles a heart is one of the reasons why I have it to be honest. It was a gift from L, because I love dragons and I love him.

  3. People will see what they want to see. I think it is a beautiful piece though!

    Thank you for linking up to PPBH!