Thursday, June 21, 2012

No one is allowed to pick on him/her except ME!

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No one is allowed to pick on him/her except ME!
Sounds like something an older sibling might say about a younger sibling, or even the other way around in some families. It's not a strange concept either, this way of thinking has crossed countries and cultures without the need for some kid union, newsletter, or pre-birth conference.
Kids just think like that. Why?

Well probably the same reason why many groups act this way. We don't all voice it like our children do, children are rather straight forward and blunt when they want to get a point across. We poke around in the corners and hide this way of thinking because to many this way of thinking is; old school, entitled thinking or just plain wrong. But for the most part the human species has thins way of thinking buried within it's subconscious constantly turning the cranks.
If you don't know what I'm talking about, this can be a variation of "Protect you own"

Many groups pick on sub-groups or even individuals with-in their group relentlessly until another outside force threatens the group. Miraculously all of a sudden the bullies and the victims gang up together and work together to eliminate a common threat. But as soon as that threat is over the old status-quo takes over again.

This happens in politics within and between countries, within religious communities, even the LGBT community.
But why do we do it?
For children it is often a family entitlement, annoyance and love situation.  "yeah I love my sister, but sometimes she can be annoying. I pick on her on occasion, but you're not allowed to pick on her, I'll hurt you if you do!"
But for those of us who aren't related but are a part of a loose knit group, what are our motivations? This way of thought completely defies some bits of logic but validates others. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." can be taken and applied for both sides of the argument. But who is the enemy and who isn't completely depends on the circumstances, and do we favor one enemy over the other? Or do we see others of our loosely knit group as more like annoying siblings?

I for one am completely confused. All I know is that if you hurt one of my own then you prepare yourself. I may pick on them but only out of jest and I make sure that they know it.

Blessed Be

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