Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bit of a dry spell

These last few days seem like a bit of a dry spell.
I'm getting plenty done around the apartment, and reading all kinds of story books, I've even managed to rope in a phone interview for a new job.

But I don't feel productive at all spiritually this week.

Views are down which is no biggy for me, but normally when this happens I hit up various sites and coffee shops to get some inspiration on what to write next. I do this in hopes that I don't get forgotten I guess, that and I want to be interesting.

I'm thinking about joining up with the pagan blog project, just to get some inspiration on what top write during these dry periods.
I was resistant to the idea at first because everybody seems to be doing it and I want to be somewhat unique and not flood the internet with identical ideas every week. But now that I am going though this dry spot and thinking about it more, the more it seems like a good idea.
I mean yeah the subject might be similar and all but different paths and different people have different brains and thought processes. It's all organized so that people are posting at least once a week and people can get to know the inner workings of their fellow pagan bloggers.

So I might look at the topic for this and next week to make my final decision but at the same time, welcome others to add in their 2 cents so I can think on it more.

Blessed Be

Linky just to show people what I'm talking about

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