Sunday, January 27, 2013

Full wolf moon Jan 26th 2013

Yup well the January full moon was yesterday...I personally know it as the wolf moon, other names I have heard it called by are the old moon and the snow moon though sometimes the February full moon is also known as the snow moon.

I know it as the wolf moon because many villages around the world where there are wolf populations hear the wolves more frequently as we are deep into winter and food in the wild is becoming more and more scarce. The wolves howl hungrily while moving closer and closer if not into the villages themselves looking for more food.

This also being the first full moon of 2013 there is some superstition attached.  I haven't tested this myself but in certain areas of the world people believe that if the first full moon of the year is bright that it means the year will receive much rain and a bountiful harvest, but a red tinted moon at the beginning of the year means a dry and scarce year.
Well last night we had clouds and snow, but I did catch a few glimpses and it wasn't red. Does that mean I'll have a mediocre year for my crops? I have no clue but I think I'll keep the moon in mind a little more while planting and see what happens this year.

Well Blessed Be

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