Thursday, April 26, 2012

News and Trade show

I'm still trying to figure out what to do about Beltane... Anima is helping me look because she has the same problem with living in an apartment downtown.
Still looking for suggestions.

I have some good news which I can't tell you about yet. (24-48 hours before I can)
and some mundane news that I still can't tell you yet.

Though I am allowed to tell you that I just got a request for me to draw a picture.
I'm on one of those mini job sites that allow you to advertise yourself to do small jobs for little money (money is tight). I don't get commissions from those sites very often but it is helping me keep my head above water in this financial mess. (taxes and other prices rise while income stays the same or drops)

What I really need is a good paying job where I can turn my talents (mainly drawing) into good use.  But so far I haven't found that yet so I'll keep on plodding away.

If you live in the wood buffalo/fort mcmurray area you are probably excited about the trade show that's happening tomorrow.
Personally I can't wait to go as I love the caramel apples and all the neat little things we can't find around town often. (and no I'm not being paid to advertise there and I'm not selling anything there)

I started a fresh batch of lentils today using the same methods as last time, I just love those things but I don't go through them very fast.

The bag is a bit stained because I also use it to cook peas pudding along with other yummy things but  it does the job nicely. Keeps the lentils all aired out and well drained after rinsing.

Now some bad news that I can share with you, and yes this will sound a bit whiny so you are warned...

I hate getting sick, having the chest cough is worse than most other sicky things I get. I like being able to breath thank you very much, so please can you sickness please leave my lungs alone and let me enjoy breathing again without sputtering or being in discomfort.

anyways back to life


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