Monday, April 2, 2012

the wind moon/seed moon and my week

The wind moon is coming up on Friday, also known as the seed moon. I have to do my planting a few days early this year as this weekend for me will be crazy.

I still have many plants left from last year still which I work with nearly daily but this year I'm also planting some garlic.
A few days ago I started the garlic in a cup of water and some paper towel because I wasn't sure about the bulbs I had that were left over.But sure enough this morning when I looked there were 5/6 bulbs sprouting roots which I placed in soil today.

I just found out from my friend Anima (her screen name) that she has been referring people from yahoo answers over to this little blog here. Anima is a good friend of mine who follows a little bit of a different path but loves sending new people my way.
For that I say sorry I'm not a little more active. I wish I was but I seem never to know what to post here. If you have questions I'll do my best to answer them.

This weekend is a busy one because I have family who are non pagan, well I should say very catholic family who have invited me over for the weekend to celebrate with them. I may not celebrate for the same reason they celebrate but I am going to have fun with my family and I can't wait for all the news about new arrivals, weddings and who's expecting.
After this weekend my sister also invited me on a little road trip about 5 hours south of here to get out of town and see new sights. (we're both broke so shopping is out) we'll be staying 1 night possibly 2 and just sight seeing.
It's a larger city for sure and very different, I don't really like the place so I'm just going to spend more time with my sister.

Well I'm off to cook a little snack.



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