Sunday, April 29, 2012

Beltane plans

Well we think we have plans for Beltane now. We'll dance and sing, light a fire and plant in a friends garden. The friend in question isn't pagan or religious for that matter but she said we could borrow a corner of her garden as long as she can enjoy the planting and harvest with us. We have to celebrate a little early however because of conflicting schedules and the time that everybody can get together.

The planting is on very short notice (today) and only 2 of us can make it though I hear rumor that our host invited other friends to enjoy in the planting.
The fire will be tomorrow the 30th, not a bon fire, just a small one in a fire pit but it will more than serve the 3 of us plus one other friend.
Me and L have solo plans later in the evening on Beltane
And I know a few others are going to dance in circles around the may pole while me and L are on the opposite side of town.

This is probably the busiest festival we've had in years, so many parts but so little lines. Thank the goddess! I hate having to recite spells in front of people.
I have a bit of a speech impediment that gets worse as I get nervous, add in a stutter and a nervousness performing in front of more than 1 person and you have yourself a very odd looking lead.

Good news abound!
I've been looking for a job for almost 5 months now and I will admit this latest and fourth month has been harder because all the jobs out there I have already sent in my resume for, even people who are not hiring have my resume and I haven't heard back from any one. This economy kinda burned out and the job search is kinda burning me out.
However a few friends of mine who have jobs in decent places, armed with my resume and are my references themselves are trying to get me a commuter job.
Now I don't particularly like commuter jobs, having to spend a week or longer in a camp setting (worse than dorms and worse food), being away from friends, family, my life. But right now I'll take what I can get, and if it means I also get my foot in the door for better job opportunities then count me in!
Obviously a little about that will be mentioned around the fire and hopefully Beltane will help me start something new, a chapter in my life where I can start working towards financial goals that I've had to put on hold for a while.
Like buying a house and starting a family.

Maybe some day soon.

Anyways back to work on my personal projects and Beltane plans,


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  1. Good luck for the job search, I am going through the same now... It's harsh business.
    Do they have maypoles in Canada? (this thing in your pictures with the ribbons) I didn't know that. I really regret that I wasn't able to attend my town's may celebration this year and was stuck in South Carolina instead. Many old pagan traditions are still alive in Austria.
    Patricia from My Season's Seasoning

    1. We usually make our own maypole with wooden poles that we hunt for. dig a hole in the ground to stick it in or if a couple wants to, they can hold it up for people (though most don't because they could be holding it for quite some time.)

      There's always next year to celebrate.
      My city doesn't do anything so it's usually what me and a few fiends can come up with.