Thursday, July 5, 2012


People probably already know that I grow a lot of edibles, it's not that uncommon in a pagan house/apartment to be honest so this update should be boring.

I have a pot of basil, it's been growing for a year and it had gotten to the point where over 3/4 of the leaves couldn't get any light anymore. So I pruned it for its own good.

It's still large but it can air out now and I have 2 racks of basil that I plant on drying in the oven. This way it'll last up to a year.

...with a still living plant I don't think we can use this much basil in a year, we were using it on a regular basis while it grew to the monstrous size that it did and it's still large enough to harvest small amounts from. So I need to start forcing basil on people again.

I use to force chives on people before but now I need to find those people (I think they're avoiding me because of the chives) and force basil on them as well.

This plant is awesome.

Grow basil, it's more than worth it.

2 racks of fresh basil after the washing but before heading into the oven.

How long will basil live anyways?

Blessed Be

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