Wednesday, July 11, 2012

html css and coding update

an update for here

so the schedule is completely out of wack because of my lack of knowledge and the fact that I forgot to add a few things to the list.
so here's an updated schedule

-contact page (working on it now just need to add email address/create a new one for the comic) done by July 12 (hopefully) Done
-build table for character page ( working on it but will be an ongoing project when new characters join) hopefully first drft posted between the 15-20th July)
-actually draw the portraits for the character page (see previous date) (in progress)  now typing Done and Posted on the site
-Extras page...I made it but I need to decide what to put in it and I need to  and I need to figure out mouse over dropdown menus (probably ongoing and its delay will not affect release date/ low priority) not doing drop down menu now. 
- fix bugs (on going)
-Buy the domain name and hosting (actually I'm debating using a free service at first to judge traffic before spending almost $100, will talk to L about it later this week)
-submit to top web comics by the 30th for voting and advertising (make thumbnail and all needed banners and images for voting)

again I may or may not accomplish this schedule but I'm trying

Blessed Be

edit IT'S DONE!!!!!

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