Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Phone's busted, free anti virus for a year

I had a windows Optimus 7 that I upgraded to mango a while back. Anyways there was a glitch in the firmware that prevented my touchscreen from working. I looked it up and it affects about 10% of Optimus 7's.
I had to send it away to be repaired because Telus couldn't exchange it but I figure the 10% failure rate with these phones isn't too bad. I mean it could be worse.

Apple had an entire line of i-phones a few years back that had to be recalled because they continuously dropped calls because the antenna was placed where the average person would hold it and block the signal and BlackBerry has gone down system wide a few times in the last few years.

But I still have a few peeves about having to send away my phone.
-it'll take 3-6 weeks to get it back (no pretty phone for a month )
-my loaner phone is a blackberry that I have no clue how to use (haven't used one in a while)
-all my stuff will be wiped by Telus
-and the deposit for my loaner phone cost almost as much as the phone itself $299.00

I know I sound like I'm whining but I just want my phone back and working
This worked better before the update to mango than any phone I had previously, and had lots of apps to boot!

On the brighter side of life though I have just been informed that scotiabank customers get a free year of McAfee antivirus and if you opt for a two year the first year is free while the second close to half the price. you can cover 1 or 3 computers as well. So you know what I'm downloading tonight.

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