Sunday, December 25, 2011

Yes I fed her

Yes I fed the snake yesterday, but I was in such a hurry doing last minute wrapping and baking that I forgot to post.
it's yule don't cha know.

Well I celebrate both Yule and Christmas because of the makeup of my family and relationship.
But beyond that.
We're having a very warm week, it's been +4 Celsius which is roughly 39.2 Fahrenheit to those of you from the States, when normally this time of year we should be getting -40 degrees C and F (I had to use google converter for that one)

The cat is sick and hates her medications, apparently she has a gluten allergy which cuts out most commercial cat food, and because of her eating it for a few months before we found out what was making her sick, the vet gave her some nasty meds that we have to torture her with every 12 hours. And she makes sure we know it's torture for her. She also has been avoiding eating her new food, which is a problem because she needs to eat with this medication so she doesn't vomit it back up.

After all the wrapping and baking yesterday me and my Fiance spent the day with my parents, sister, aunt and uncle. We all got to open a few gifts early and I think most people liked their gifts. We had chilli bowls for supper because we're all getting filled with either turkey,roast or chicken today. People annoyed others with their gifts or filled others with joy depending on the person but honestly I think the FlyingFucks annoyed anyone who wasn't operating them at the time. Those toys were probably my best purchase at think geek this year, that and toe shoes. I got my sister a pair now I want a new pair. lol awesome how the human mind works.
One of my cousins got a huge Christmas gift this year. The gift of fertility, she just found out that she is pregnant, I'm still waiting to hear if this is good news or bad new.

Today we're going to spend the day with friends cooking a feast, watching movies and playing games. But not until noon, we'll need to hit a gas station for energy drinks of some sort and take frequent naps because we'll be running on little to no real sleep this week.

Tomorrow is boxing day, we only want a few things. More movies (we have a huge collection already) and possibly a laptop or netbook for pdfs while running games or just bumping around on the internet. Nothing too heavy on the system.

Ok back to putting away gifts and cooking breakfast.


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