Saturday, May 12, 2012

Birthdays and yoga

Good day, good day
Today is L's birthday and he is turning 26 today.
He feels old apparently, so what do we do when we feel old?
Throw a party!!!!
Actually it's only 5 of us poking a fire and having a BBQ with steaks, chips and dip and maybe a salad.

It's going to be a fun fun night.


I went to my first yoga class today and I have to say it was a very good idea. I learned to stretch my body in ways that i have never stretched before and was able to concentrate, gain energy and ground myself better than I could ever do in a circle.
I think I might have to Incorporated some yoga into my rituals now just to get that build up and grounding that is most often needed. But I have to learn a bit more first before I try it in ritual. Maybe towards the end of classes in June? That sounds like a good amount of practice first.

Anyways I have to feed Calluu the snake and prepare more food for L's birthday.

Blessed Be

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