Friday, May 11, 2012

same sex marriage and the christian church (Touchy)

Yeah I know that this is a very touchy subject but honestly living in Canada I feel sorry for those in the states that cannot have access to their basic freedoms and rights.
Most of the time the fight has to do with the christian community and the complaint is that it is against their religion and is wrong.
Odd though that if the Christians were to read up on their own religious history they would see that in previous centuries gone that the idea of marriage was very much different than they see it today. It was not always reserved for just a man and a woman but also for a man and a man and a woman and a woman.
Often saints were given the ability to marry the same sex and some of these ceremonies were even preformed in the Vatican itself.  There are large portraits of ceremonies allowing man and man to marry being bless by Jesus himself. 
Want to read an actual study on this?
here is the study

The church use to be more tolerant and focused more on "love thy neighbor" than it does today. What happened recently that changed that?

I could go on and rant about religion in politics and how other religions that actually allow same sex marriages are not being heard but that would be both extremely long and boring.
I don't like boring and I don't have the time to write 20 pages of rant, so I'll leave you with this.

*directed at the United States as a whole*
If you praise yourselves on having separation of church and state then why allow close minded views from the larger and louder religious crowd to influence your laws and take away others freedoms?

*directed at those who oppose gay marriage*
How does Mary and Sue down the road sleeping in the same bed having the same freedoms as a married couple take away your freedoms?
And don't use the "it's not natural" argument as it has been scientifically proven for decades now that most if not all animal populations on earth have a natural 6-12% homosexuality rate. (Cats and dairy cows have higher)
1,500 animal species practice homosexuality
above are the proven ones.

I'm leaving comments on today and will check them when I get home tonight. If all goes well they can stay on.
Please be civil and polite as I'm sure all human are capable of being.
Homosexuality may not be a choice, but being polite and not being provocative is a choice I expect you to make.
I'm holding you to your morals.

Bye bye for now


  1. I often wondered, how the Americans can keep saying that their church and state are separate. They reacted pretty weird as I asked them, whether people had to work during Easter (as Austrian's don't have to) but if you're not going to church regularly here (South Carolina) you're not a real member of society.
    however, I cannot judge anything here. Even though my home country is supposed to be quite liberal, same sex marriage is still not allowed and those politicians who support it would never use it as an election statement in fear of losing their votes.
    I didn't know about the cases in history, have to check it out. thanks for the link

    1. No problem about the link, I done a lot of study on Christianity as I use to be a Christian myself and just found it's history so full of contradictions and holes. But this specific contradiction just seemed relevant considering what that politics are bringing it up again and I'm happy that I'm not the only person thinking this way.