Sunday, May 27, 2012

Peppered steak a day late

Sorry RYH
I couldn't think of anything to cook last night so we had leftovers, But I do plan on making peppered steak in the next few days so I'll give you the recipe here.

The basics
-Crushed mixed peppercorns (you can buy whole and crush them yourself with a hammer and a few plastic bags)
- 2 steaks or like my mother uses when she's stuck stew meat
-olive oil (or any oil really)

On the bbq?
mix your peppercorns and oil together (you can add water as well to make it less oily ) and then crush garlic into the mixture, rub on both sides of the steak and let sit for no less than 10 minutes. Then BBQ time.
Seriously that easy

fried on stove with stew meat or cubed steak? What I'll be making
Cut your meat into chunks, make the same mixture as above and mix with the chuncks, let site for no less than 10 minutes. fry on stove in pan.

add more?
-bell peppers or any other pepper.
-corn on the cob
- you can marinade your steak overnight for better flavor
-anything in you fridge almost can be added

Oh yeah and salt and pepper to taste (though I normally don't use any for this recipe)

See ya in a few months RHY!


edit: I forgot you wanted a picture from last week

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