Thursday, May 3, 2012

The flower moon and this years super moon

This weekend is the flower moon, it was named as such because this time of year in most of the world flowers should be out or people are planting flowers.
The grass around the apartment just started turning green this week, so we have a while before we see flowers outdoors, but that doesn't mean that I can't see them indoors.

I also this week found that my orchid, that I swore was never going to produce flowers again, has started growing a new shoot.  It's a tiny shoot but it's growing again after what seems like forever.

Now this years flower moon is the closest to earth out off all the full moons this year and until sometime in 2014. How exciting is that! The moon will look really big and full so I suggest everyone, even if you're like me and do not have plans, to just look at it and appreciate the moon this weekend.
According to this moon will be approximately be 356955 km's from the earth. I don't know much about space but to me that sounds pretty close

anyways, back to work for me

Blessed Be



  1. Hi Flaming Pagan
    I was just browsing through several blogs, looking for some inspiration for mine and came across your lovely place. First of all, never give up on an orchid. It took mine 3 years go get new shoots but ever since it's been blooming non stop for years.
    You know, now that I live so far from my beautiful European hometown, I feel that the connection to our nature has weakened and I am really missing a lot. I have never heard of the flower moon though. I need to get into gardening for sure :D But I wondered why the moon looked so incredibly big two days ago...

    Patricia from My Season's Seasoning

    1. Hey Patricia
      I've moved a few times myself in my short lifetime, and while yes for a while I lose my connections with nature I have found it is easier to gain it back if you work hard for it.
      Study the new local plants and use them instead of the local plants you are use to, spend more time outside. Eventually it'll start coming back.

      I never give up on plants, I'm just happy and impatient hehe.

    2. well, I probably didn't even try to get accustomed to the different seasons here because I knew from the very beginning that I'd be leaving in 4 1/2 months (which will be in 3 weeks)
      but you're right. :D

    3. yeah each time it nearly took me 4 months to feel comfortable

  2. I absolutely love orchids... sadly I do not have a green thumb... leafy plants that need little attention are about the best I can do.

    Thank you for linking up to Pagan Pages Blog Hop!