Friday, May 18, 2012

Burning ring of fire.

I fell in to a burning ring of fire
I went down,down,down
and the flames went higher.
And it burns,burns,burns
the ring of fire
the ring of fire.
( Johnny Cash Lyrics Ring Of Fire Lyrics)


I love that song and what's happening this Sunday May the 20th 2012 reminded me of that song.
This Sunday coming is the rare "ring of fire" solar eclipse.
Sadly with the weather here lately I might not be able to see it naturally, and even if I could at my latitude I would only see between 40-60% of it though for some of our neighbors in the southern United States , Japan and some parts of China the view will be 100%.
Why is it called "the ring of fire" solar eclipse?
Because the distance and angle of the moon is just far enough away from the earth that the moon will not be able to completely cover the sun. This results in what looks to be a "ring of fire" in the sky when the eclipse is in full swing.
To find out how much you will be able to see, I suggest going here and for those who are unlucky enough to be at a latitude or live where the weather will hinder you view that link also has sites where you can view a live stream.

Now what are my plans for Sunday?
No not a ritual though one that combines both the god and goddess might work well, or some sex magick.
I plan on doing one of 2 things.
Either I'm running a pathfinder game with L playing his holy paladin escorting the princess across strange and dangerous lands, I might even add in the eclipse because it would fit into the story line oddly enough.
Or L is going to run a game with me and C with both C and I playing our evil characters trying to find a dragon werebunny of doom called miss hophop.
I'm secretly hoping for the hilarity of miss hophop, because it brings more people together and I can taste the innuendos our dirty minds will inject into the game about the "ring of fire" eclipse. A bunch of pagans with dirty minds can be a fun thing at times, though not appropriate for here.

Anyways I'm off to find a recipe and will be posting again today as I have promised a friend to try and share one recipe a week to help her learn to cook.

Blessed Be

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  1. I miss so much here... I didn't even know an eclipse was coming. Well, I already saw one in 1999 when I was 11 years old and I can still remember the Corona (that's what we call the ring of fire in German, I don't mean the beer) it was a breathtaking experience. I remember some news reports about the animals on the fields lying down to go to sleep, and all the birds stopped singing too.
    hope you saw at least a little bit of it...

    1. I saw some of it as the clouds were not as bad but it happened so late in the day it was almost unnoticeable. Most people I spoke with didn't notice it happened and I only caught the tail end myself. It was that weird time of day were it was after starting to get dark anyway so there was no large change in light and we did have lots of clouds all week so no one was really paying attention I guess.

    2. there'll be another opportunity for you for sure. *fingerscrossed*