Thursday, May 31, 2012

The strawberry moon AKA rose moon, sun moon, or hot moon

So since it's roughly 5 days until the next full moon  I figure I should say my little part on this up and coming moon. For those living in fort mcmurray the time I believe will be 9:36 at night this Friday the 5th. For those outside of town the times will vary, if you need help finding the time reply with your area and I'll see what I can do.

I know it by 4 names but I only know the story for 2 of them. So if anyone knows the story of the hot moon or the sun moon then go right ahead in the comments and tell me about it.

The strawberry moon story is fairly simple, the native tribes where strawberries grow knew to pick the strawberries after this full moon as the fruits would be just ripening hence the name strawberry moon.

Sadly I live far enough up north that the strawberries won't be completely ready but I am grabbing a strawberry plant from a nursery tomorrow, maybe even a tomato plant as my plants last year didn't fair so well from seed.

For those in the European countries where strawberries are not native, roses usually are native and are starting to show/bloom. There is where we get the name rose moon.

Blessed Be

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  1. :D I cannot speak of the roses here in Austria since my mom got rid of them a few years ago, but the strawberries in her garden are almost ripe. I cannot wait to pick them!