Monday, August 27, 2012

The full moons a commin! The blue moons a commin!

And what am I doing for the Blue moon this weekend?
Trying to sleep because I have to wake up and drive early the next morning. That's right I need to drive across the province for my 2 week vacation/ wedding planning/ visiting relatives.
Hopefully my car will be fixed by then, because so far the shop is having a hard time finding the parts it needs.

That reminds me *note to self phone the shop for update on car today*

Well what will everyone else be doing? Well L is driving with me and C of ravens is looking after our animals. I have no clue who else is doing what though.

Maybe someone can leave a comment about what they're doing this weekend?

Blessed Be

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  1. Hubby and I will be enjoying a full moon ritual at home Friday night. Just the two of us, hopefully followed by a family cookout/celebration with the kids on Saturday. Blessed be and safe travels! )0(