Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lammas and the corn moon

Lucky this year that Lammas and the corn moon landed on the same day.  roll everything up and work some powerful shit now because you have a lot at your disposal when two days like this collide.

Depending on where you live the corn moon can either be in august or September and it is pretty self explanatory. The corn will be ready soon.

For those of you who call this the sturgeon moon it's because they are easier to catch this month.

For those who call it the red moon it's because in some parts of the world the moon looks red in the morning due to the haze created when the sun rises.

And last but not the least in my mind is the name grain moon, similar to the corn moon the grain is also almost ready for harvest.

Lammas, well time for one of the harvest festivals I guess. Grain is the crop I will focus on because I love baking breads. various types of breads and sweet baked treats are delicious this time of year. This is a cross quarter between the solstice and the equinox. various places and people will be doing different things to celebrate while I'll be working.

All the seeds I have planted so far this year have come to fruit in the form of a new job. It's only a month long contract but it is still right on time. I need to thank the powers that be (gods and goddesses) for helping me in this and also celebrate with some good eats.

Oh and though I'm not growing corn or grains it is almost time to harvest my tomatoes.

Blessed Be

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