Friday, August 10, 2012

and I went missing, sorry

I got a job this month that has me working ~10 days at a time with more than 8 hours a day...That is why I missed the corn moon and Lammas.

So yes great news, I am working again. This change for this month will have me open to update every 2 weekends. Bad news? The job contract expires at the end of the month, so I might be out of a job in September.

Now about the last full moon and Lammas. I'll post another piece on that and see if I can change the date to a previous one instead.

Another thing happened this week...I overdosed on ginger. My monthly was taking longer than normal and in an attempt to speed things along I increased my ginger intake a bit too much.

How do you know if you've had too much ginger?
easy you spend the next 12 hours on the toilet defecating non stop.  Harmless but annoying and stinky.

well blessed be

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