Wednesday, August 7, 2013

So apparently pagans can't get married in Canada...

Ok for those of you who don't know, L and I are getting married (actually think cross between a handfasting and a christian ceremony. We have family that don't know or need to know things).

Late last month we went to the DMV to get our marriage license and were asked what religion we were. Well L identifies as a ChristoPagan(still deciding) and I identify as an eclectic Pagan...We must have gone through every pagan belief we knew including Wicca (Wicca being more known to the gov usually) and still the government computers would not accept it.
What would they accept?
All the Abrahamic religions, Hindu, Buddhist, Native and non denominational.

I admit I was a little surprised as many forms of paganism are recognised in Canada as being legit belief systems but honestly! I was more than surprised, I was floored! Not even Agnostic or Atheist made the shortlist and those have been recognised since what seems to be forever!
We eventually and grudgingly put down non denominational for government purposes.

Seriously does anyone else think the Canadian gov needs a swift boot to the arse?
I know they are insanely behind on many things and this is only a drop in the bucket for them, but still it makes me furious.

Anyways onto a light ending?
We have a officiate that is familiar with handfastings both "In Your Face" handfastings and the more "slightly in the closet" handfastings. The dress has been found as well as the natural venue, outdoor wedding YAY!
rings have been made and delivered (custom)
Though we are still looking for a long silver cord for the actual handfasting.

Not much longer to go now!

~Blessed Be



  1. First of all, Congrats! I hope that everything goes well with the plannig and I cross my fingers for good weather as it's gonna be outdoors.
    I have no idea which Religions are registered in the Austrian Government, but I am well sure, it will be even less than in Canada. It's really weird that even Wicca wasn't recognized though... I thought it was almost worldwide acknowleged... Why would they want to know about your believes anyway?
    Oh and good luck with blogging again. I just started after a 1 year pause as well, and know how sometimes you just don't feel like it.

    1. Not sure why they would want to know my beliefs either, maybe they want to track numbers for vital statistics or something.

      We had a lovely day to be honest, the whole thing was outside, dinner,ceremony and after party. All at the historic site but at different locations within. I think it managed to get up to +26°c and not a cloud in the sky.