Friday, August 16, 2013

A thermometer up the ass, ok. but needles, hell no this act isn't taking that Sh*t / make up wonderings

Well Wedding plans are going slow but that's to be somewhat expected the date is almost here and we are planning for another part of the province.

Oh you want to know about the title?
Well our cat needed to get boosters done since the last time was at the SPCA and they were overdue.
This cat has a long history of health problems and pretty much every time she goes to the vet she has her temp taken, and she's never fussed about it. But apparently a tiny little needle that you can't even see puts her into a fit of rage.
I find that a bit odd but hey weird things happen.

anyway, wanna hear a story that's bugging me today. Not bugging in a bad way but I just can't stop thinking about it.
I was cleaning out my make-up bag last night and ended up throwing out a lot of gifts that have gone expired even though they've only been used once or twice. L was watching this and made the comment that he doesn't actually remember what I look like in make-up, since I only wear it once or twice a year he mused whether I should wear it more often.
Now I know he wasn't being mean or insinuating about my looks, he was just making a statement about the waste. But it got me thinking about it.
My friends and family keep giving me massive amounts of makeup that I'll rarely use before the expiration date, I never buy it myself but, should I be wearing it more often to avoid waste and make use of a gift I would otherwise never buy? Some of this stuff I can't regift due to the nature on how these gifts are received. Food for thought even if it doesn't come up that often.

Oh and you may be wondering why a little jump away from pagan issues.
Well I'm still practising but many of the ceremonies can easily be found in different variations elsewhere. I just feel that maybe people can adapt their own.
Now the difference here is that if someone requests something I will more than happily post on that subject, I'm more of lets the question come to me sort of person, and I do realize I will learn from this experience as well so yay.

Any ways

Blessed Be

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