Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sorry I'm late

I went a week without doing much on the computer at all so I couldn't update here.

but I did get to visit the inlaws and had a good time, my niece is just a bundle of joy and turning into a hyper little tot.

I did a little shopping while I visited the inlaws. managed to get a hold of a few cast iron pans and a new quarts point, a few new pairs of pants and a few shirts. New delicious coffee beans (yes I`m a bit of a coffee snob).
Waking up every morning for a week on a farm done me good. Oh yes I should of mentioned that earlier that the inlaws have cattle and live a bit out of town.

While driving around the country (too cold to walk) we talked about how in recent years nature has done some huge things that not everyone noticed. One of the grandmother inlaw spoke with great knowledge of the moon and how it has changed places in the sky over the last 50 years but more quickly so in the last 5 years. The moon is rising and setting in completely different spots than a short time ago and she just noticed that is changed twice in the last year verses once a year or every few years in the past.

I like my inlaws they are much more in tune to nature than my own side of the family (catholic but not very religious.) So I can easily talk about things and have discussions with my inlaws about subjects that I would fear starting and argument, bringing it up with my side of the family.

Now thats weird the girl getting along with the inlaws, isn't there a law about that somewhere. lol

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