Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gym membership and cast iron frying pans

Yeah I've been up since 5:00 and the morning makes me think weird things, like what I can do with a small and a large size cast iron frying pan...get ready for it.

Duel wield frying pans!

yeah a bit geeky I know but think about it for a bit here. The larger frying pan would be a simple weapon and the smaller a light weapon (D&D or pathfinder terms) and you always hear stories about newfie women wielding cast iron frying pans against stupid people or intruders. So it fits!

Now on to more serious business. I gained 20 pounds since October and my Fiancee has gained about the same . But because of his work most of that is muscle so he doesn't really have to worry that much. My extra weight however is fat. So yesterday I got a gym membership with my fiancee and we plan on doing to major things and taking turns with each one.

Walking/running- I love walking but when it's -40 Celsius you don't really want to spend more time than you have to outside, so until the weather warms up we'll be taking the walking indoors on either a race track or treadmill.

Working our core- we're both getting guts and also I'm getting a bad back from a combination of weak muscles in my back and size D breasts so core work outs are needed.

Fun stuff- They have a water park and an ice rink and a rock wall and a water crash course so we can have fun.

anyways I have to clean


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