Monday, November 25, 2013

1 liners in emails

Ok so I love hearing for people I really do and I occasionally get an email from people passing through our little municipality from time to time wanting to talk or hang out and they usually write their first email something like

" Hello,
my name is (so and so) I'm passing (through town/moving to town) and am looking for people to talk to and meet with other people of similar intests (lists off interests usually involving paganism, gardening or herbal healing) and have an (intelligent discussion/ mentor/ someone to chill with). ....."

ok that's awesome I'm starting out knowing something about them and we can start a great conversation and maybe meet up and hang out. I haven't really mentored or taught in a year or 2 but I'm always willing to start if the right person asks.
But lately I've been getting a few 1 liners, anyone who RPs or knows some RP terminology knows what a 1 liner is.

I (like you/ find you interesting/ think you're pretty) message me back if you want to talk."

Hey Thanks!...I think. I've heard the pretty/interesting line a few times before being told that I'm going to "go to hell"  So that can make me a bit nervous. But besides that, how am I to respond? The writer did not give me even 1 thing to expand or start the conversation with, unless he/she wants me to puff up my chest and start bragging about why or how I'm so pretty and interesting.

Please just give me a topic!
Ask me about herbs, the elements, about gravity or why the sky is blue. ANYTHING! is better than nothing.

Now I still do respond to these people and I have made some nice acquaintances this way, but really responding hurts my brain sometimes. I want to write a unique response so everybody because everybody is unique, but it's hard when you see the same 1 liner everyday.

Anyways, I need to go make up a RP character now for a new game.

Blessed Be, and may people give you something to work with,

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